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9.0.5 Patch Notes Update – March 8

Patch 9.0.5 Update Notes – Live on March 9

9.0.5 Patch Notes Update – March 8

Originally Posted by Blizzard
(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We’re updating the patch notes for 9.0.5 to reflect the latest changes included in this patch. Here are all of the additions and edits being made:


  • Druid
    • Balance
      • Fury of Elune (Talent) will now deal damage even if the Druid is in cat or bear form.
  • Paladin
    • Conduits
      • The extra spells from Ringing Clarity (Kyrian) now have a longer delay between hits. Additionally, area-of-effect Judgment hits from Divine Toll are no longer reduced by 25% in PvP, and Judgment triggered from Ringing Clarity is reduced by 33% in PvP.
  • Rogue
    • Assassination
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Envenom’s buff from retaining up to 30% of its duration when refreshed.
  • Warlock
    • Affliction
      • Malefic Rapture will no longer waste a Soul Shard if there are no targets are within line of sight when the cast is completed.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Castle Nathria
    • With the closing of the Alliance Hall of Fame, cross-realm Mythic Castle Nathria will be available for all players starting on the next raid lockout for each region.
    • Council of Blood
      • Castellan’s Fury’s effect has been reduced by 15% on Heroic and Mythic difficulties.
      • Veteran Stoneguard have had their health reduced by 10% on Mythic difficulty.
      • Veteran Stoneguard have had their melee damage reduced by 10% on all difficulties.
      • Veteran Stoneguard’s Sintouched Blade now casts less frequently on all difficulties.
      • Reduced the damage of Dancing Fever by 10%.
      • Dancing Fools have had their health reduced by 10% on Mythic difficulty.
      • Reduced the damage of Soul Spikes by 5% on all difficulties.
  • Theater of Pain
    • Necrolord’s Chosen covenant perk now has a duration of 6 minutes (was 5 minutes).
    • An Affront to Challengers
      • Xira the Underhanded has been disabled on Mythic difficulty and removed from the Dungeon Journal.
  • Mythic Keystone Dungeons
    • After this change, if you finish a Mythic Keystone dungeon in time during the week, the next week’s Great Vault will contain a Keystone of that same level.
    • For example, if your highest Mythic Keystone completion during week one is a +15 that you completed in time, you will get another +15 Keystone from the Great Vault to start week two. If you run that +15 during week two and fail to meet the timer, however, and complete no other +15 (or higher) Mythic Keystone dungeons the rest of week two, you will receive a +14 Keystone from the Great Vault to start week three.

Items and Rewards

  • Gear acquired from Mythic Keystone dungeons are now upgradable with Valor, a new currency that is earned from completing Mythic Keystone dungeons and covenant Callings. The weekly Valor cap will start at 5000 Valor earnable in the first week, and will increase by 750 Valor each week. There will be a maximum of 1500 Valor a character can hold at a time. Gear that dropped before the patch is unable to be upgraded.

Runecarving Legendary Items

  • Priest
    • Shadow
      • Painbreaker Psalm will now grant Insanity if Shadow Word: Death kills the target.
  • Rogue
    • Assassination
      • Fixed an issue that was causing Doomblade’s bleed effect to incorrectly be affected by Armor.

Player versus Player

  • Battlegrounds
    • Seething Shore has temporarily been removed from the Rated Battleground rotation while we investigate an issue with its starting area.
    • Players below max level will now earn 30% less Honor from battlegrounds. This should not affect how much experience points are awarded from battlegrounds.
    • The rating system has been adjusted to increase 2v2 ratings relative to other brackets. The effects of this change will be gradual over the remainder of the season but persist next season.
  • Classes
    • Warrior
      • Arms
        • Exploiter (Legendary Effect) will grant 25% bonus Mortal Strike damage per stack while in combat with enemy players (was 50%). For Venthyr Warriors using Condemn, it will grant 18% bonus Mortal Strike damage per stack while in combat with enemy players (was 36%).

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Anima Powers
    • Mage
      • Lingering Torments (Venthyr) increases damage of Mirrors of Torment by 50% (was 10%).