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Activision Blizzard Q2 2020 Earnings Call

Activision Blizzard Q2 2020 Earnings Call
The Activision Blizzard earnings call is this afternoon. We’ve highlighted some of the written results below.

  • Activision had 125 million MAUs in the second quarter, up from 102 million in Q1 and still down from 128 million in Q4 2019.
  • Blizzard had 32 million MAUs in the second quarter. This is the same as Q1 and Q4 2019.
  • World of Warcraft reach and engagement once again increased sequentially, as shelter-at-home conditions further boosted the franchise’s strong trajectory.
  • The Shadowlands expansion saw an enthusiastic response from players in its public testing, with pre-sales accelerating even further ahead of its release in the fourth quarter.
  • World of Warcraft engagement is the highest in a decade at this point ahead of an expansion.
  • Building on the success of Battlegrounds and recent live operations, the Hearthstone pipeline includes expansions, new engagement features and a new game mode planned for the coming quarters.
  • Overwatch engagement grew year-over-year, including among returning players.
  • Diablo Immortal, developed for mobile in partnership with NetEase, is due to expand internal testing with a company playtest in the coming weeks.