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Advertising Boosts Cross-Realm No Longer Allowed

Advertising Boosts Cross-Realm No Longer Allowed
In addition to the Policy Update for Organized In-Game Services, Blizzard has confirmed that advertising cross-realm and advertising done by non-participating players is no longer allowed.

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if a guild wishes to partake in cross realm boosting, if a guild had advertisers spamming on and cross realm for their guild sales, that would be fine?

That would not be fine.

To provide more clarity for those who have been wondering where the lines are drawn in this new policy, we’d like to summarize that part of it.

Advertising for gameplay activities should be done by a WoW player-character who intends to participate in the gameplay activities. This means there should be no cross-realm advertising, and there should be no advertising from non-participating players.

And as before, the only place that advertising a “for gold” activity is allowed is the Trade channel. Advertising in any other chat channel or the Group Finder makes the player subject to actions against their account.