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Alliance Bee Mount Reputation and Acquisition Guide

Alliance Bee Mount Reputation and Acquisition Guide
Alliance players finally are able to do a lengthy reputation grind to claim the long awaited bee mount, the Honeyback Harvester! We have compiled our findings on how to best obtain the mount. Note – This mount is Alliance only. Even completing it on an Alliance toon will not allow your Horde toons to ride it.

Starting the Grind
In order to even be able to start the reputation grind for the mount, players must have acquired either Bumbles (aquired from the Let’s Bee Friends achievement) or Seabreeze Bumblebee (purchasable at revered with Storm’s Wake).

Summoning either of these pets around Barry the Beekeeper, an npc found near the Mildrenhall Meadery flight path, will cause him to talk about a new hive in the area. Your bee pet will discover a green aroma pool nearby. If you head north and follow these green pools you will eventually find the Honeyback Hive (waypoint is 62, 26).

Barry will stop the Hivemother from attacking you (though if you enter the hive now you will be teleported out and become poisoned). He suggests you calm her with some jelly. There is a Thin Jelly nearby at waypoint 63, 28. Offering this to the queen does nothing and Barry is forced to communicate to her through dance, eventually granting you access to the hive.

Inside you will find a Nascent Harvester, a small larva on the honeycombs on the left side of the cave. This is the most important part of the grind as this harvester is who you must raise into your mount!

How to Gain Reputation and Get the Mount
The Nascent Harvester has a friendship bar when you interact with it that starts at 0/3000. Filling this bar involves feeding the Harvester jellies that you can find all over Stormsong Valley. They are obtained from nodes called Jelly Deposits which look like single or triple honey combs on the ground or clinging to walls and trees. After filling the bar to 3000/3000, the Nascent Harvester becomes a Juvenile Harvester with a friendship bar of 0/7000. Filling this turns it into a Mature Harvester and finishes his friendship bar.

Upon first unlocking the hive you also get the Honeyback Hive as a typical reputation in your reputation tab. (Note: This reputation DOES NOT count for 100 Exalted Reputations achievement) You must raise this faction to exalted while also completing both of the Harvester’s friendship bars to receive the mount.

Ways to Earn Reputation

  • Main Source – Jelly Deposits around Stormsong Valley

    • Note – Turning your ground clutter graphic settings to 1 greatly increases your ability to see these nodes.
    • Neutral to Honored – Contain usually 1 Thin Jelly
    • Honored to Revered – Can contain multiple Thin Jelly and sometimes Rich Jelly
    • Revered to Exalted – Can contain multiple Thin Jelly and sometimes Rich Jelly or even Royal Jelly, and VERY RARELY Crystallized Jelly, which contains a small amount of all of these jellies. You can also rarely obtain Jelly Magnet which provides a 30 minute buff that can increase the amount of jelly you harvest from nodes.
      • Thin Jelly – 20 reputation and 5 friendship when given to Harvester.
      • Rich Jelly – 80 Reputation and 20 friendship when given to Harvester.
      • Royal Jelly – 160 Reputation and 40 friendshup when given to Harvester.
    • You can exchange these jellies with the Honeyback Hivemother to receive the upgraded rarity or downgrade to the lesser rarity.
    • Can also contain various hats and cosmetics for your bee pets.
  • Honey Smasher Elite Rare
    • Ettin rare located on the beach north of the hive. Has a short respawn timer.
    • Can be killed for rewards once per day
    • Killing him provides 500 reputation with the Honeyback Hive and a chance for jellies.
    • Has a chance to drop one of the new butterfly pets
    • Can also drop Jelly Magnet
  • Beevents! (Bee Events)
    • Every so often around the map (noted by a star) you can find a Honeyback Harvester over a flower bed with a light to the sky.
    • Interacting with this harvester initiates a 5 minute event in which waves of adds spawn that get progressively harder as the event goes on.
    • The mobs gain a stack of Jelly Aggression every wave.
    • There is a chance for a rare mob to spawn at the 5 and 10 stack mark. It seems to be guaranteed at the 15 stack mark.
      • These rares each provide a unique blue item drop that can be turned in once (could be weekly, needs reset to confirm) for 750 reputation with the Honeyback Hive.
    • Note – When the event ends, all mobs will become unable to be attacked and leave. This includes the rare mobs so the more dps the better! Most people tend to shout the location of the event in general and wait for the masses to arrive before activating it.
    • Once the event ends, a jelly deposit will appear on the ground that contains increasingly better amounts of jellies for how far you managed to stack the Jelly Aggression buff.
  • Beevents can be done multiple times a day.

Benefits of Reaching Revered
The grind becomes a lot more tolerable once you reach revered. Not only do the jelly deposits have a chance to contain higher rarity jellies, but you gain access to an item that significantly speeds up your deposit farming time.

  • Beeholder’s Goggles
    • Sold by Barry the Beekeeper right outside the Hive. Requires revered to purchase.
    • Costs 20 Rich Jelly but is extremely worth it.
    • These goggles have infinite uses on a 1 hour cooldown and provides a 1 hour buff that displays nearby jelly deposits on the mini map.
      • The deposits show up on your map from very far away. You might think this is not worth the investment, but trust me it is!
    • You can also buy the Alluring Bloom from the Hivemother, but this isn’t worth it provided you have flying.

Obtaining the Mount
Once you reach exalted while also having filled the harvester’s friendship bars (both the 3000 and 7000 bar after) the Mature Harvester will offer the Leaving the Hive quest that has you speak to Barry outside and obtain the Honeyback Harvester mount! Congratulations! Your little bee is now your steadfast flying steed!

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