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Alpha Claims World First Heroic Jailer, Solo Shuffle Brawl Gear Scaling, DLC #811

Alpha Claims World First Heroic Jailer
Alpha has claimed World First Heroic Jailer! Congratulations to them!

Solo Shuffle Brawl Gear Scaling

Originally Posted by Blizzard
(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Hello everyone. Thank you for the feedback on this issue. Soon, we will be applying a hotfix that will increase the item level of any item acquired in Shadowlands up to at least 239 while in Solo Shuffle (items above 239 are unaffected by this change). This change will only apply to the Solo Shuffle Brawl due to the unique nature of the game mode.

While we want players to be able to jump into this new experience as soon as possible, a player with extremely low HP is quickly identified as an easy kill target for each round, resulting in a predictable match for all parties involved. We selected item level 239 to allow for gear acquisition and upgrades to still feel like meaningful power progression for a character. We’re interested to hear your feedback after you’ve played a bit with this change.

Dark Legacy Comics #811 – Spherecraft
DLC #811 has been released!