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April Fools 2021 – Community Round-Up

April Fools 2021 – Community Round-Up

World of Warcraft Patch
World of Warcraft Patch early notes have been leaked! Highlights include a new raid “The Winter Queen’s Gambit”, a new dungeon “A Fungus”, and two new professions “Sea Shanty Singing” and “Wand Vision”.

The Bengal Tiger Secret Mount
Kruithne has found the Bengal Tiger secret mount!

World of Warcraft: Undermine
Handclaw has shared a presentation of “Undermine”, the 10th expansion for World of Warcraft. This expansion finally brings out the Tinker, a new heroic class that comes in three specs: Mekgineer (Tank), Chemist (Healer) and Demolition (DPS).

Patch 9.1 Seasonal Affix: Imprisoned
Raider.IO have noticed that a new Keystone Affix “Imprisoned” has been added on the Tournament Realm over the weekend. While this affix is active, players have to burst Mawsworn mobs before the 6-second Imprison cast is finished, otherwise they get chained for 8 seconds (and ultimately stunned for 12 seconds if the chains aren’t broken).

TBC Classic Store Mounts Revealed
Reddit user MethixYo has shared the upcoming TBC Classic Store Mounts.

Encrypted 9.0.9 PTR Build 38241
Wowhead has datamined the Encrypted 9.0.9 PTR Build 38241. Highlights include the Reverence Mount, Redeemed Sylvanas Windrunner Model and a new Kich King costume for Pepe!