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Asmongold Interview with Ion Hazzikostas

Asmongold Interview with Ion Hazzikostas
Asmongold is interviewing Ion Hazzikostas about Dragonflight!

  • Building new environments and areas not known to World of Warcraft was one of the most exciting things from Shadowlands.
  • Most things will be account-wide in Dragonflight.
  • There might be dragonriding combat eventually in Dragonflight but not at launch.
  • The team is trying to use the Zereth Mortis philosophies and designs of the open world expansion-wide in Dragonflight. This includes things like the Protoform Synthesis system.
  • Long-term there will be more additions to World PvP and battlegrounds.
  • The team wants to explore the battleground system before adding new ones, such as having seasonal rotations.
  • The team doesn’t like Stat squishes from an elegance standpoint, but it needs to be done to have meaningful gear progression over time.
  • Removing borrowed power systems will slow the power gain a bit going forward.
  • The team usually gets negative feedback if they have trinkets and gear from previous raids that are still good enough to farm when progressing a new raid.
  • Having items that come from one raid tier previous is ok, but not expansion spanning items.
  • Ion says he wants to bring back Master Loot. There is a lot of things to address through coding and answering questions such as having items drop that are useful to no one currently in the raid.
  • The team wants to improve how to show information in raids without having to rely so much on add-ons.
  • A problem with add-ons now is a lot of them are becoming too computational.
  • The new UI includes a design that is similar to what Weak Auras does, letting you track important abilities for your class or external buffs.
  • The PTR is important for gathering important feedback, but they recognize that it lessens the sense of discovery.
  • They want to find additional ways to preserve exploration and discovery.
  • The team is listening to feedback to see what to do after the end of Wrath of the Lich King Classic.
  • What sword?