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Assault Dailies Reputation and Coalescing Visions Reward Increase, Rajani Warserpent

Update: EU Horde players can now access the Heroic Darkshore Warfront, though this wasn’t intended.

Assault Dailies Reputation and Coalescing Visions Reward Increase
With today’s reset, Blizzard has substantially increased the rewards from N’Zoth assault dailies. This will make getting to exalted and earning Vessel of Horrific Visions much more bearable. Here are the new numbers:

  • Daily Assault Quests
  • Lesser Vision Daily

Method to Obtain the Rajani Warserpent Discovered
A mogu invasion is currently up in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and a rare spawn named Rei Lun spawns deep in the Silent Sanctuary in the North part of the zone. This rare has a small chance to drop the Pristine Cloud Serpent Scale needed to obtain the Rajani Warserpent. You can turn this item into the Rajani quartermaster for the mount without any reputation requirements!