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Bajheera Interview with Brian Holinka

Bajheera Interview with Brian Holinka
Bajheera sat down with Brian Holinka to discuss Dragonflight

  • PvP gear will be largely separate acquisition like it has in later Shadowlands patches, but Holinka says he is not upset if a few trinkets from PVE are competitive for PvP.
  • The plan for Dragonflight is for the additional PvP item level to not work in the outdoor world. You will still be able to upgrade the PVE item level of PvP gear through conquest though.
  • The trinket set bonus will stick around for PvP in Dragonflight.
  • PvP set bonuses are not currently coming.
  • Cross-faction will be available for rated PvP.
  • Random battlegrounds will continue to have the faction divide.
  • There will still be faction-specific end-of season rewards for the near future even with cross-faction.
  • The class section of the new talent trees will be interesting for PvP. It might cause the player to choose between defensives or utility.
  • Honor talents will remain similar to now going into Dragonflight.
  • Rated solo queue could come later on in Dragonflight, but it would likely only allow you to queue by yourself.
  • The team wants to add more battlegrounds and arenas, but nothing to announce at the moment.
  • The team wants to add more incentive to do Warmode PvP at launch.
  • They don’t want to incentivize players grinding flight points in War Mode.
  • The dragonflights are not covenants. They are separate factions that have no player power attached to them.