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Bastion Lore Interview, 40 Shaman Classic Molten Core Clear, WoW Esports Event Teaser

SAGamer Bastion Zone Lore Interview
SAGamer recently talked to senior game designer Johnny Cash about the zone of Bastion. Here are the highlights. Check out the full interview by clicking the banner below.

  • Creating a zone that is very pretty and for the most part fine was a unique challenge for the design team.
  • The team was inspired by a lot of past WoW villains when creating the Forsworn. They wanted to show that they were not inherently evil, just having less than ideay ways to solve problems.
  • Newly arrived souls partake in rituals to shed their mortal wants, desires, and burdens.
  • Those who succeed will eventually become a Kyrian and continue aiming to ascend as an aspirant and be granted wings.
  • If you fail to let go of your past life you are eventually sent to a different afterlife.
  • Paragons act as the overseers of the aspirants.
  • Some Ascended become Watchers who look at the mortal realm and determine whether a soul on the brink of death is ready to cross over. We know these as spirit healers in Azeroth.
  • We will get to see how going down this path affected Uther.
  • A lot of thought went into the bells of the zone. As you venture deeper into the story, the calming chimes will become discordant.
  • The ambience of the zone was designed differently from other zones. Bastion was created with calming and peaceful ambience not rooted in realism.
  • They tried to design things to not look too coventional, so even the bells were made to look unique.
  • The heart of Bastion has a massive statue with clouds and mist surrounding the column to symbolize ascension and inspiration.
  • It was fun to design a fictional written language with the Kyrian runes and scrolls.
  • Stewards (the owl people) aid the Kyrains with their crafting and scholarly pursuits.
  • Automatons, anima-fueled constructs, help build the structures of Bastion.
  • Magic functions as technology in this world.
  • The foliage and colors of the zone were also designed to be whimsical and calming.
  • The team also took inspiration from the Valajar and the Val’kyr.
  • Anima used to flow freely in the realms of the Shadowlands and so was incorporated into their very existence. The drought has overwhelmed the Kyrians.
  • When the initial story of Shadowlands concludes you will be able to pick which Covenant you want to join and see a unique narrative of that Covenant at max level.
  • Having a narrative that is told in zone order allows the team to focus on developing characters, both heroes and villains.
  • As you meet these characters you will not only learn about them through story, but also through gameplay in the form of soulbinding.

40 Shaman Classic Molten Core Clear
Twitch user streetx_Hasu recently streamed an entire Molten Core clear in Classic WoW with a raid composed of entirely shamans. Check it out below!

WoW Esports Event Teaser
The Official WoW Esports Twitter recently posted a tweet that seems to hint at a WoW Classic Esport event coming up soon!