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Blizzard 2020 Fireside Chat – BlizzConline in February Free to Watch

Blizzard 2020 Fireside Chat
J. Allen Brack gave the community some updates on recent and upcoming events.

  • BlizzConline will be February 19th – 20th and free to watch.
  • Players have already made over 10 million visits to the new barber shop.
  • Classic players have already crafted more than 6.5 million Greater Frost Protection potions.
  • There have been over 9 billion ghosts and wisps from WoW Classic this year.
  • Players have created over 100 million characters in WoW and dinged over 1.5 billion levels.
  • Blizzard is exploring other things farther out on PC, console, and mobile.
  • Blizzard will apply the same level of craftsmanship that they’ve always demanded of themselves to future games, regardless of platform.
  • Blizzard’s AI/Machine Learning system used to validate player reports around offensive behavior and language in Heroes and Overwatch has caused an incredible decease in toxic text chat and re-offense rates. This system was expanded to WoW public chat channels a few months ago, cutting how long disruptive players stick around for in half.
  • In Overwatch, penalties were recently increased and more profanity filter options have been added.
  • Combatting offensive behavior and encouraging inclusivity in all games and workplaces will be an ongoing effort.
  • In February, Blizzard will hit their 30 year anniversary.