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Blizzard Lawsuit Drama, Lightforged Paladin Mount, Sylvanas Novel Delayed Again

Blizzard California Lawsuit Drama Continues
According to a recent article from Kotaku, the Blizzard lawsuit just keeps getting increasingly convoluted. The short of it seems to be:

  • Because there is possible ethics violations with some of the lawyers involved in the DFEH case against Blizzard, Blizzard has called for a stay in proceedings in its own case with the DFEH.
  • If the violations are true, they also request that the DFEH be disqualified from its own trial, meaning Blizzard would likely get out of it with a settlement and no justice for the employees would be reached.
  • In the end, this could only benefit the lawyers’ pockets if it comes to pass.

To read more about it, check out the article by clicking the banner below.

Updated Legion Mage Tower Timewalking Spell Restrictions
In a recent build on the PTR, Soulbind effects were also disabled in Timewalking Mage Tower. For a full list of what is disabled, click the banner below.

Patch 9.1.5 PTR – Lightforged Paladin Mount
Lightforged paladins now have a unique Talbuk paladin mount with the Summon Lightforged Ruinstrider spell.

Sylvanas Novel Seemingly Delayed Again
The Sylvanas novel that was delayed until February seems to have been delayed again until March 29th, 2022. Purchases through this link support the site.