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Blizzard Responds to Patch 9.2 Affix Feedback – Adjustments Coming

Blizzard Responds to Patch 9.2 Affix Feedback – Adjustments Coming

Originally Posted by Blizzard
(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Thanks everyone for the feedback so far! We’re hoping to have a pretty substantial update to the affix in this week’s upcoming PTR build. Mostly changes to how the buffs work, including significant improvements to the two weaker effects, and some more love for healers.

Specific effects, power level and duration for each buff are still open to changing, but our overall goal is to make it feel like each option can be a meaningful choice in different situations, and that there’s room for both pre-planning and adaptation depending on what your group needs at the time.

Also since I’m seeing some mixed feedback here around the haste buff, I wanted to share some insight on why we didn’t make it “highest secondary”:

As a player, it’s very difficult to notice a temporary buff to something like damage or versatility unless it’s extremely large. Haste directly changes how your character feels, so it makes the effect more noticeable even at lower tuning values.

There are other ways to accomplish this as well, such as increasing character size or changing movement speed. The important thing to avoid is players never noticing that they were buffed (or only noticing it on the damage meter =P).

For now we’re still leaning toward using a haste buff here, but I believe have some adjustments in the next build that we’d love to get feedback on.