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BlizzCon 2019 – Warcraft III: Reforged Deep Dive

BlizzCon 2019 – Warcraft III: Reforged Deep Dive
Join developers from Warcraft III: Reforged as they discuss the creation process. Learn more about the game and its upcoming launch.

  • Adding Undead next week and Night Elf shortly after. 3v3 and FFA coming next week as well.
  • On the animation side, don’t break what was originally there.
  • Time on the damage point on the animation had to match the original.
  • There is an attachment system on the characters, so the weapons can be attached to the character and projectiles can spawn from that weapon. The timing remains the same between both versions of the game. Projectiles will hit at the same time, but may look different.
  • Character animations and models could be updated, as technology has come a long way. Characters have fingers now, so they can wrap their fingers around the weapon.
  • A lot of the models in the original game were the same, just scaled up or tinted to show they are different. This time there are unique models for everything, over 2,200 models now!
  • The team had to make sure you can still recognize the silhouette. Some units had to be tweaked, as they were hard to recognize when in battle.
  • Blademaster had to be tweaked to change the run animation to be more similar to the original.
  • Single account system, race based MMR.
  • Different MMR for 2v2, 3v3, FFA.
  • Blizzard has learned a lot about matchmaking over the years. Hopefully good matchmaking will help new players have a good experience.
  • Team colored health bars. Old days had green health bars that were on or off, but now you can have them colored per team.
  • Special hero healthbars will make it easy to tell what unit is a hero.
  • The team wants feedback on how matchmaking is going.
  • The old chain sounds and other parts of the old UI will remain. The team will continue to improve on the UI as feedback comes in.
  • If you’ve pre-purchased, you’ll get in to the Warcraft 3:Reforged beta.
  • Scary moment with SC:Remastered. Capped the framerate actually capped input, the pros noticed that input was being lost.
  • So far the beta still feels like Warcraft 3.
  • The team got involved with the current mapmaking community and figuring out what they were blocked by.
  • Before if you wanted to make an RPG map, you wanted to grant +5 health for completing a quest. You’d have to go into the map editor and make a ton of units with 5 more health. Now you can just change an individual unit’s health.
  • The team put some community maps in the 1v1 map pool. The team wants to hear what the best community maps are so that they can include them.
  • You can control where your opponents will spawn
  • New camera tools for map makers. Tower Defense towers, new models, Orc/Dwarf carts, and more.
  • The team can’t wait to see what the community will make with the new tools.
  • There are now High Elf swordsmen models.
  • Balance is an iterative process. Starcraft was hard to balance with 3 races, WC3 has 4!
  • Crystal Orb feedback mostly consisted of “Trash” and “Vendor”. The team thought about making a big change, but thought it would take away from what it was. The real issue is that it was showing up too late. Scouting is really important early on.
  • By the end of the beta, you’ll have everything in your hands from a multiplayer perspective.
  • The team knows people are here for cinematics and the campaign, so we got a little sneak peek.