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BlizzCon 2019 – World of Warcraft Q & A Panel Recap

BlizzCon 2019 – World of Warcraft Q & A Panel Recap

Q: How will heritage armor be obtained with the leveling changes?
A:You will obtain the heritage armor by leveling an allied race to the new level cap.

Q: Did the Jailor see Sylvanas as a threat?
A: We will find out during the story that Sylvanas’s dealings with the Jailor started when she threw herself off of Icecrown in Edge of Night. She helped Varian in Legion as a way to thrust herself into a position of power.

Q: How are the Covenants and new systems that come with them going to affect PvP?
A: The Covenant choice is supposed to be a net effect of different variables.

Q: Will War Mode still be in Shadowlands?
A: Yes

Q: How is flying going to work in Shadowlands?
A: Shadowlands will use the same system as Legion and BfA for unlocking flying.

Q: Will there ever be an HD model toggle for Classic?
A: The HD models were meant to improve the look of the characters to the current game, and HD characters would look out of place in Classic.

Q: Will legendaries ever be transmoggable?
A: Short answer: yes! Very soon!

Q: What is the creative process for choosing an expansion theme, specifically Shadowlands?
A: The team begins brainstorming expansion concepts even two expansions ahead. The first thing to consider is the world that will be explored, and where do we want to go next? Where should the story take us next? Sometimes an idea sounds great, but it isn’t right in the moment, and it is pushed further down the line until the story leads there. The team liked that the Shadowlands was so other-wordly and something never seen or done before.

Q: Have you named an expansion before you developed it?
A: Legion was the placeholder name, but eventually it was made the real name.

Q: Is the Jailor someone that we already know that is connected to death?
A: They created the Jailor as a mysterious new figure. He is an important part to the mythology of the cosmology. He is not someone that we know, but familiar figures will be aligned with him or opposing him. He is the centerpiece villian of the expansion.

Q: What will happen with the essences and Heart of Azeroth we have earned this expansion?
A: Our connection to the Heart will weaken as we journey into the Shadowlands, but the abilities and essences are still useable in timewalking.

Q:What other customization options are coming to the races?
A: What we have already seen is just a small sample of what is coming. The team wants to offer a lot of diversity so you can really represent yourself as a person.

Q: Are we ever going to see another round of realm connections?
A: Yes, the team knows they need to address realm population very soon. No ETA, but very soon.

Q: Have you considered releasing additional digital tracks of music that comes out in patches after the expansion?
A: The team wants to do this, and are actively working on it.

Q: Lore-wise, who won each Warfront?
A: Canonically, the Alliance wins both warfronts.

Q: Would you consider loosening faction restrictions for grouping with friends?
A: They understand why you want to, but the Alliance and Horde separation is what makes Warcraft what it is and there is some value to mechanical reinforcement of that division. Grouping together is not an option at this time.

Q: Will anything happen in 8.3 if you kept the Gift of N’zoth?
A: Wait and see?

Q: Will there be Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King server options?
A: They can do it, and are not opposed, but want to make sure they do the right thing.

Q: Will anything further happen with the story from the Mag’har Orc Scenario?
A: We might see the beings that tagged along back to Azeroth, and stories like this are kept in the back pocket for future stories where they make sense. Light and Void will most likely be addressed in the future.

Q: Is Chronicle cannon?
A: It is, but it is from the view of the titans and so there is room to explore the more obscure mythology.

Q: What happens when we die in the Shadowlands?
A: There is a much different aesthetic when you die in the Shadowlands. There is a different screen effect as well as the idea that Azeroth still needs us and so we are able to corpse run back to life!

Q: How much of end game will be taken up by Torghast?
A: It depends on the player. You will want to do 1 to a few runs a week, but the content is created to be repeated as much as you want if you enjoy it.

Q: Is there a possibility of playable races with more or less than two legs now that Mechagnomes are a thing?
A: If it is appropriate to the story then maybe! They got new tech for mechagnomes and can explore it now.

Q: Are tier sets coming back next expansion?
A: Not in the initial patch of Shadowlands, but they want to have class-themed armor return at some point. They don’t want players to feel like those slots are locked for tier sets, but know that set bonuses are exciting and want to find a way to implement them without checking a box in a gear slot. The team knows sets were a big drive to raid and are gonna use the feedback for Shadowlands by giving things to chase in raids. You will want to kill N’Zoth a lot!