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Blue Posts – Conduits, Legendaries, Rogue and Hunter Changes, Torghast Bug

Shadowlands Beta – Build 36165

Shadowlands Conduits Update

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(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
In this week’s Shadowlands Beta build, Soulbinds have had their tree layouts changed in a small, but important, way. All Soulbinds now have access to 2 Potency Conduit sockets, whereas previously all trees had 3 Potency sockets. The goal of this change is to increase the flexibility of Soulbinds, and make it more viable to use one Soulbind for multiple specializations.

Due to Potency Conduits’ effects being mostly spec-specific, they are the Conduits most likely to make a Soulbind layout feel locked-in to one specialization. While we expect this to be a natural way for many players to engage with Soulbinds –- picking one Soulbind per spec, and building them out accordingly –- we want to make sure there is room to discover other setups that work for you, based on the content you prefer to participate in.

The removed Potency sockets have been replaced with either an Endurance or Finesse sockets which, by virtue of primarily being class-wide effects, are easier to justify using across multiple specializations.

We’re looking forward to seeing how you choose to build out your Soulbinds, and your continuing feedback on this system!

Shadowlands Legendaries — October 7

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We are currently in the process of tuning Legendary items, so in this latest Shadowlands Beta build, you may see many a number of Legendary effects have had their power reduced.

We’ve recently had internal discussions about our tuning targets for Legendaries and concluded that we were aiming too low with respect to their power. We’re working through another tuning pass on all of these items, and you should see further adjustments in an upcoming build.

FEEDBACK: Rogue Class Changes

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Thank you for all of the feedback about Shadow Vault. We set out to create a cool new AoE finisher for Subtlety Rogues, but heard your feedback that Shadow Vault was frustrating due to its knockup effect.

Additionally, the visual similarity with Shuriken Storm was bound to get repetitive as you alternate between the generator and finisher. We created a new visual kit based on the idea of launching an explosive black powder over the heads of your enemies.

Please let us know what you think about this version of the finisher.

FEEDBACK: Hunter Class Changes

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In this week’s PTR and Shadowlands Beta builds, the 5% bonus damage component has been removed from the Hunter’s Mark ability.

Hunter’s Mark is a cool Hunter class ability with unique functionality that we don’t want to get rid of, so we’re adjusting it to be solely for utility as its core functionality.

Hunter’s Mark will remain on the GCD, and it will still provide visibility against a stealthed target.

FEEDBACK: Torghast, Tower of the Damned

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We have a known issue with the new build of the Shadowlands Beta that is going up today. Players in a group may encounter an issue when queuing for Torghast.

When you encounter this bug, the “Climb” button for queuing will displays an error that reads, “Please gather your party before queuing.”
To avoid this issue, form your Torghast party before entering the Torghast portal.

If you’re already in a group, this issue can be resolved by remaining grouped, exiting the Torghast lobby, and re-entering the Torghast portal. Doing so should display a red button for “Climb”, and the party leader can now queue the group.