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Burning Crusade Classic Prepatch Highlights

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Burning Crusade Classic Prepatch Highlights
The Burning Crusade Classic prepatch is live today for NA servers, and so we thought we would highlight the most noteworthy things that come with it! The prepatch will launch tomorrow in the EU.

Note – The Classic era servers will not be getting these changes. You will only get this content if you transition your character to TBC Classic servers, or create a new character on the TBC Classic servers.

  • Alliance players will be able to level Draenei characters, including the addition of Shaman.
  • Horde players will be able to level Blood Elf characters, including the addition of Paladins.
  • The Talent Trees will be changed and the additional talent rows will be added.
  • The Jewelcrafting profession will be added.
  • Experience gained from quests will be increased, along with a reduction in the experience needed to level to 60.
  • Your first mount is now purchasable at level 30, and mount costs and training are noticeably lower.
  • New questing hub in Dustwallow Marsh to smooth out the leveling experience a bit.
  • PvP Honor currency will be implemented and is used to purchase PvP gear.
  • Arena Skirmishes will be available, allowing you to practice arena before creating a team when ranked comes in TBC Classic.

All current Classic characters will be snapshotted from the moment the servers go down. Upon logging in, players will need to make a choice as to whether or not to keep each of their characters on Classic servers or progress them into The Burning Crusade. There is also an option to clone your characters between both versions of the game for $15 per character. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the choices available to you.

Burning Crusade Classic is free to anyone with a current WoW subscription. Players can also purchase the optional digital deluxe edition for more goodies, along with a one-time level 58 character boost to jump right through the Dark Portal on June 1st.

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Are you prepared? World of Warcraft®: Burning Crusade Classic™ launches on June 1, and the pre-expansion patch arrives on May 18. As with WoW Classic, Burning Crusade Classic will be included with every WoW players’ subscription at no additional cost.

For those who haven’t played WoW Classic recently, or if you’re looking to enhance your experience, we have a host of special items just for you.

Starting on May 18, after the weekly scheduled realm maintenance, everyone who wants to prepare early to join the adventure when Outland opens on June 1 will have the option to purchase the Dark Portal Pass, allowing them to boost one character of their choosing on a Burning Crusade Classic realm to level 58 (limit one per World of Warcraft account; not usable on blood elf or draenei characters). The boosted character will receive:

  • Apprentice Riding skill
  • Race-specific mount
  • Weapon skills up to level 58
  • Access to certain flight paths
  • A set of level 58 magic (green) quality gear
  • Up to four Runecloth Bags (14 slots each)
  • A little bit of gold to start their journey

Intrepid explorers looking to further enhance their Burning Crusade Classic experience can purchase the optional Deluxe Edition. This edition includes all the items from the Dark Portal Pass​, featuring:

  • The Reawakened Phase-Hunter mount, a creature that draws on the otherworldly energies that transformed Draenor into Outland, for use only in Burning Crusade Classic and designed to match the look of the original expansion
  • The Viridian Phase-Hunter mount, a variant for use in modern World of Warcraft (including Shadowlands) and reflecting the game’s current visual style
  • A Dark Portal Hearthstone for use in Burning Crusade Classic, providing a unique visual effect inspired by the gateway between worlds
  • The Path of Illidan toy for Burning Crusade Classic, which causes your character’s footsteps to leave flickering fel fire in their wake for a short time
  • The Dark Portal Pass, which boosts one character to level 58 (same restrictions as standalone Dark Portal Pass apply; upgrading from the Dark Portal Pass to the Deluxe Edition does not grant a second boost.)
  • 30 days of World of Warcraft game time, providing access to WoW Classic, Burning Crusade Classic, and the modern game

For more information on World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic, visit the official site.