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Custom Premade Groups Feature Available at Level 50, Ajour, WowUp

Shadowlands Beta – Custom Premade Groups Feature Available at Level 50
In Shadowlands Beta, the custom Premade Groups feature becomes available at Level 50. This change is probably aimed at stopping new accounts from advertising services that break Blizzard’s ToS. Thanks to MrGM for noticing this!

Ajour – WoW Addon Manager
Ajour is a new World of Warcraft Addon Manager focused on performance and simplicity. The app manages your addons for both Retail and Classic WoW by fetching updates from both CurseForge and TukUI.

Ajour is available on macOS and Windows, but it can also work on Linux if installed from source.

WowUp – WoW Addon Manager
Another new World of Warcraft Addon Manager that we wanted to highlight is WowUp, available for download on Windows.

Originally Posted by WowUp

Manage your addons across all your clients from all popular sources. Supporting Curse, WowInterface, TukUI, and GitHub.

Multiple Clients
Includes support for all World of Warcraft clients, installed in whatever folder you choose. Includes support for Retail, Classic, PTRs, and Beta.

Automatic addon detection makes it easy to get started. You can also use the simple search feature to find any new addons to install quickly.

Find and search for new addons across multiple addon providers for quick and easy install.