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Darkmoon Faire Event Not Active, Five Forgotten Features in World of Warcraft

Darkmoon Faire Event Not Active
The monthly Darkmoon Faire event is currently not active in NA and EU, as the portals to the Darkmoon Island have not spawned in Mulgore and Elwynn Forest. This looks to be a bug affecting the entire 2022 calendar, no Darkmoon Faire events have been generated.

Blizzard has already been made aware of this issue on Twitter and Reddit, so players can expect a hotfix this week.

Five Forgotten Features in World of Warcraft
In his latest video on Youtube, Rextroy highlights five oldschool features in World of Warcraft that have been either removed or abandoned.

Originally Posted by Rextroy


It is time for us to take a look back, at some fun features that sadly got removed. These features are also barely known to exist by most of the community!

1: World Defense

World Defense was an AMAZING feature that existed back in the day (I believe all the way until Legion), it is pretty much Local Defense, but it will instead cover the entire game. So you would know whenever any friendly NPC was getting attacked by the enemy faction.

It started to not function after sharding was added, since it usually reported places being under attack, but by the time you got there it was on a different shard.

It ended up removed completely, instead of being fixed.

A lot of world pvp guilds aswell as roleplayers would definitely want the feature back! To make the ingame world more alive.
Good news however is that it is still working in Classic WoW, and if you reach rank 11 you are even able to chat in the channel!

2: Highmaul Coliseum

The Highmaul coliseum was a great feature in WoD. It was a free for all instanced location, that you could access if you had Gladiator’s Sanctum (tier 3) in your Garrison.

You would win awesome titles and toys, however it wasn’t easy to win since there were a lot of contenders…

After WoD, the feature is still working. But barely anyone queues for it since you still need gladiator’s sanctum. Also not many people playing, knows about it.

It would be great if it were added as a brawl or had an easier / more obvious way to queue into it! To get participation up.

3: Kiting

Kiting bosses and tough NPCs was a fun thing to do back in the day. In Classic it is still a hot topic. However you might wonder why it isnt being done on retail?

The reason is because either sharding, or a seperate limit has been added to restrict it. It appears that you cannot bring NPCs far outside of their original zone, not even with Mind Control, Death Grip, or by normal kiting.
They will be forced to reset…

It would be great if the issue could be fixed so the world could once again, be more alive and feel less… instanced

4: Old Treasures

Back in the day, there were a lot of different items you could obtain (in the Classic days) such as Papal Fez, Chromatic Sword or the Tidal Charm trinket

But after cataclysm, when the old world was changed, a lot of the NPCs that dropped the items were removed. Or had their levels changed.

That lead to them being unable to be obtained (or REALLY rare). One example of this is Uldaman, that even had the level of the dungeon changed back in TBC.
This lead to certain items in there only being obtainable from a single source, the ancient treasure chest at the end of the dungeon.

With a droprate of 0.01%, requiring an average of 10 000 of runs to obtain. People were uncertain if the items were even obtainable!
One of these items are the Miner’s Hat of the Deep

Nowadays, a lot of old items can drop again, but many are still a mystery.
Even those that can drop, are sold these days for millions of gold!

5: At war

At war is a really fun feature that was used more in the old days. It enables you to go hostile with a faction that you are usually friendly with, such as the goblin factions or ravenholdt.

This allowed you to gain reputation with certain factions such as Bloodsail or Syndicate. With bloodsail reputation being a requirement for prestigeous titles such as the Insane or Bloodsail Admiral

Sadly this feature aint used anymore… even the times it is you can’t attack the NPCs that you are at war with. Because for some reason they are still friendly to you…?

I really wish they updated a lot of these features, which would help to make the game less about instances!