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DesMephisto Interview – The Cinematics of World of Warcraft

DesMephisto Interview – The Cinematics of World of Warcraft
DesMephisto is interviewing Terran Gregory and Marc Messenger about the cinematics of World of Warcraft.

  • The team did not anticipate the popularity of Zappy Boi. They were already working on the Old Soldier cinematic when his popularity took off.
  • Cinematics have the power to help more obscure characters enter the limelight, such as Mathias Shaw in Battle for Azeroth.
  • Dragonflight is meant to be a homecoming. It is meant to be a breath of fresh air after the tension of Shadowlands. It will definitely have threats, however.
  • The goal was to make Watcher Koranos an “every-man” that we could relate to.
  • When the cinematic for Dragonflight was being created, the community was not discussing the idea of dragons being the theme of the next expansion.
  • The cutscenes involving us defeating N’Zoth largely came about from player feedback of wanting to be more included in the defeat. A lot of people don’t like when you defeat a boss only to see things like “Thrall getting the credit.”
  • An 18 year old game presents unique challenges to adapting cinematics.
  • The team refined the cinematics during Shadowlands to allow the player to be utilized more in cutscenes. The cutscenes for the judgement of Sylvanas were the fruits of that labor. They were all done in real-time while allowing the player to be featured.
  • The team will continue to iterate on cutscene technology.
  • Dragonflight will also have a prelaunch cinematic series similar to Warbringers and Afterlives.
  • The ocean in the cinematic is not glowing from Azerite, but simply bioluminescence from the world waking up.
  • The Watcher on the throne in the cutscene is NOT Tyr. Tyr died at Tirisfal.
  • The camera angle dictated how they went about showing that the throne watcher was destroyed, and losing an arm was a good way to show how much of a bad shape he was in.
  • The Saurfang cinematics fit the narrative at the time, but it was also a big gamble. Utilizing these type of cinematics again could happen in the future, but no plans to do so in the immediate future.
  • Cinematics have gotten longer simply because they have become narrative scenes instead of just trailers.
  • Cinematics will be longer when it’s needed for the cinematic development.
  • Behind the scenes of cinematics that include your character, you are actually seeing a clone of your character. Shadowform not being shown in these scenes might be a bug.