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Diablo Immortal Build Tool and Blood Knight Class

Diablo Immortal Build Tool and Blood Knight Class
Our friends over at Diablofans launched a Diablo Immortal Build Tool today! You can see skills, items, the Paragon trees, and more!

Blood Knight Skills
Blizzard hasn’t announced a Blood Knight class, but there is a class, models, and skills in the game data. We’ve got an incomplete version of the current Blood Knight skills below. Keep in mind that nothing here is final.

Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
  • Normal Attack 2 – If the enemy runs away from you, throwing Bloodcrush as ranged attack that deals 0 damage. If the enemy is near you, use Bloodblade as melee attack that deals 0 damage
  • Ravage – Launch a sequence of attacks on the target, inflicting 0, 0, and then 0 damage
  • Dash Stab – Dash with continual stabbing
  • Hit and Smash – Pierce up an enemy in front with a pike and deal 0 damage to it, then throw it onto the ground, dealing 0 damage to all nearby enemies and Stunning them for 2 seconds. Before you throw it, you can use the left stick to control the direction
  • Blood Vessel – Shoot multiple veins ahead to link the enemies while dealing 0 damage. After a short delay, it pulls enemies in its path toward it while dealing 0 damage
  • Bloodsuck – You float in the air, sucking blood from all nearby enemies
  • Bat Troop
  • Shadow Mass – It gives you and your allies around a decoy force state for 12 seconds. For every 3 regular attacks launched, a decoy will be generated to copy your attacks
  • Shadow Spear – Toss a shadow spear ahead, dealing 0 damage to all enemies in the path. Long-press the skill to charge, increasing the shadow spear’s flight distance, range and damage and dealing 0 damage at most
  • Sweep – Sweep attack the enemies by rotating the spear three times, dealing up to 0 damage to nearby targets. You can move while attacking
  • Blood Demon – Gain Evil Blood when killing an enemy. When you have enough of it, you may cast the skill and turn to Blood Demon for 20 seconds
  • Bloodtide – Strike a blood wave forward, inflicting 0 damage on enemies in its path while knocking them away. Charge can be stacked up to 2 times
  • Black Fog – Your body releases a black fog that lingers for 10 seconds, affecting nearby opponents. Monsters in the black fog are Charmed to attack other monsters. Opponents in the black fog cannot use Smart Cast
  • Blood Strike