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Dragonflight Alpha – Build 44649

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Dragonflight Alpha – Build 44649
The first Alpha build is here!

New Loading Screens

New Icons
Lots of new icons were added in this build.

New Maps
Lots of interesting new maps in this build, such as the Gnoll War and azmerloth

New Achievements
Lots of new achievements have been added, including a ton for Dragonriding.

Spell Changes
New mounts, pets, Evoker abilities/talents, and more have been added.

New Toys
You can see all of the new Dragonflight Alpha items on the WoWDB beta site. We’ve listed some toys below!

Level Type Name
1 Junk Timewalker’s Hearthstone
1 Junk Jar of Excess Slime
60 Junk Maruuk Cooking Pot
1 Junk Tuskarr Dinghy
1 Other Personal Shell
60 Other Whelps on Strings
60 Other Murglasses
1 Other Rock of Appreciation
1 Other Malfunctioning Stealthman 54
1 Other Jeweled Offering
1 Other Convergent Prism
1 Other Gnoll Tent
1 Other Tuskarr Bean Bag
60 Other Artisan’s Sign

Dragonriding Talents
You can preview the various Dragonriding talents and see what’s available so far in the alpha at the link below.

Encounter Journals – Vault of the Incarnates and Dungeons
We have an early look at how the bosses in the dungeons and raid will play out.

New Areas
Lots of new areas added, including several for the Grand Time Adventure, such as The Gnoll War.

Misc Changes
Lots of small interesting things added here, such as Dracthyr customization options, titles, currencies, mounts, scenarios, and more.

New Strings