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Dragonflight Developer Interviews – Ungeek, Gamespot, and Gamerbraves

Dragonflight Developer Interviews – Ungeek, Gamespot, and Gamerbraves
Several fan sites interviewed the World of Warcraft developers about Dragonflight.

Ungeek Interview

  • The Dragon Isles are large and so Dragon Riding was added to allow a unique and easier way to navigate this world designed for dragons.
  • Flying hasn’t changed much in 17 years, and Dragon Riding was added to provide a modern take on it that involves physics and momentum and is available early into the expansion that grows over time.

Gamespot Interview

  • Flying in the Dragon Isles will not require a Pathfinder achievement.
  • The Dragon Isles was chosen for this expansion because it was one of the few remaining known places on Azeroth yet to be explored.
  • The Evoker class came about as the team realized that the Dracthyr race was too unique to be accessed by the current classes.
  • A Threads of Fate leveling system for alts will be utilized in Dragonflight and Blizzard is looking into making more systems account-wide.
  • Blizzard also plans to provide a more in-depth open world experience going forward.
  • There are no borrowed power systems in Dragonflight, but instead a revamp of systems that players are familiar with.
  • The team saw with the release of WoW Classic that much of the strengths of the old talent system still worked today and tried to find a way to incorporate that into the modern game.
  • The team is taking a “when it’s ready approach” to release and so there is no release date yet.

Gamerbraves Interview

  • You will get a new talent point for every level from 60-70 with the new talent system.
  • The Dragon Isles will let players explore familiar themes while feeling fresh. We will see centaurs, primordial trolls, and Tuskarr in a land that hasn’t been visited in 10,000 years.
  • The Dracthyr Evoker may interact slightly differently with the Dragon Riding feature, but they will be able to utilize it as well.
  • The Dracthyr Evoker might feel limiting because of the single race and only two specs, but the customization and unique spell casting makes it seem extremely unique and engaging.
  • The starting zone for the Dracthyr will tell the story of why they are waking up now and their place in the story.
  • The UI for customizing your dragon mount is based on the barber shop revamp from Shadowlands, so it will feel very familiar.
  • The new UI will be customizable based on your spec, and will change accordingly whenever you switch your role.