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Druid Class Changes Feedback, Layering – An Alternative to Queues?, DLC #722

Shadowlands – Druid Class Changes Feedback

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Responding to miscellanous questions/topics:

  • Astral spells getting double benefit in CA is currently intended. We’ll have to see if the mastery double-dip is too much.
  • AP costs and generation are generally slightly reduced to allow for better pooling (a few weren’t, such as New Moon, with the intention of buffing them). Starfall instead got a big damage increase, so you cast it less often but it’s more of a moment when you do. Stellar Drift’s utility may still be too good with the new Starfall.
  • Bloodtalons: The goals of Bloodtalons were 1) to keep the things we think people saw as cool about it (adding some planning to the rotation, snapshot bleeds are a good payoff for a bit of complexity) while getting rid of the weirdness of using Regrowth as a trigger. Many people dislike the latter, and frankly we think it’s pretty weird too. We don’t have an exact further revision to report yet, but the feedback is making me think it still needs to somehow buff spells other than Rip.
  • Stampeding Roar can still be used in Cat Form.
  • The “30 sec ICD” on individual Eclipses sounds like it’s drawing more attention than intended. The goal is to make Eclipses alternate while in continuous combat, but allow restarting with either Eclipse after any break. Since Eclipses often last 16 sec, plus a short gap between them, the idea of an “ICD” that matters while you’re in combat shouldn’t be too relevant or need to be tracked. There might be a clearer way of doing this.
  • Swiftmend will try to consume Regrowth, then Wild Growth, then Rejuvenation, so that its behavior is predictable.

Layering – An Alternative to Queues?

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The circumstances of the last few weeks have led to an unexpected increase in both the numbers of players that have been playing WoW Classic, as well as the length of their play sessions. This has caused some of the most-popular realms to see queues again. While free character moves can act as a relief valve for players who just want to play a particular character regardless of the realm it’s on, that’s not the only tool in our belt.

It is possible to temporarily raise the population cap on a given realm by turning layering back on. While I can only name half-a-dozen realms in this region that really have extended queues right now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more realms experience queue growth during this remarkable period we’re living in. So my question for you is this:

  • If your realm was experiencing one-hour (or longer) queues during peak play times every day, would you want your realm temporarily increased to two layers, to shorten the queue? How do you think that would change your gameplay experience?

As always, thank you for your feedback.

Dark Legacy Comics #722
DLC #722 has been released!