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Easy WoW Toolbox Takedown (Bot Tools), Covenant Mission Helper Addon, DLC #758

Easy WoW Toolbox Takedown (Bot Tools)
Following up on the Input Broadcasting Software Warnings from last year, it looks like Blizzard has requested the takedown of the Easy WoW Toolbox website and software, one of the most popular bot toolkits for World of Warcraft.

The results of this takedown can already be seen in Classic WoW, as many players have noticed a reduction of bots that gathered herbs and farmed righteous orbs.

Originally Posted by EWT

After being reached by Blizzard, I decided that EWT development, support and sales must be discontinued.

Despite being an independent platform, EWT allowed the development of many other tools that infringe Blizzard’s terms of use. With the immediate stop of EWT services, these tools will also stop working, at least under the EWT platform.

This is the last official announcement and no further comments will be done on this matter.

Thank you for the support.

Covenant Mission Helper Addon
Covenant Mission Helper is a new addon that simulates the result of an adventure based on the strength of your units and the enemy team.

Addon Features

  • The addon comes with an optimize button that changes the order of your troops to minimize HP loss
  • If units have random abilities, the addon will instead simulate the fight many times and estimate the success rate
  • Adventures are simulated round by round, considering all units’ abilities (with the exception of environment aura)
  • To the right of the adventure window you can preview the full combat log and the remaining units’ health

Dark Legacy Comics #758
DLC #758 has been released!