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Gurgl – New Blue Murloc Battle Pet, Exclusive Murloc Funko Pop

Gurgl – New Blue Murloc Battle Pet
A new questline to unlock Gurgl, a blue murloc battle pet, has been added through a hotfix.

  • Level 60 enemies are present throughout the questline, thus it’s recommended to complete it on a max level character.
  • To start this 15-minute questline speak with Breanni in Dalaran (Broken Isles).
    • She will ask you to investigate Dalaran with Fiona (her spy catching cat), and later ask you to go help Zantini (her pet supplier).
    • You will be sent to Eye of Azshara (the uninstanced zone) to collect pet supplies, defeat Violetsail enemies and rescue pets.
    • The last quest in the chain involves a pet battle, where you will have to defeat the leader of the Violetsail pirates in order to rescue Gurgl.

Blizzard Timewalker Mystery Box Bundle with Exclusive Murloc Funko Pop Gurgl
Blizzard has released a new Mystery Box Bundle that includes Gurgl as a Murloc Funko Pop. This release is similar to the one from last year, when Glimr the Purple Glimmerfin Murloc was added to the Blizzard Store as a Funko Pop collectible during the Shadowlands Pre-Patch.

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