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Hunter Tier Set Fixes

Hunter Tier Set Fixes

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There was a discussion thread on the PTR forums regarding many issues with your set bonus and interactions with your class abilities. We wanted to continue that discussion here, and update where things are with regards to the upcoming tier sets and their bonuses:


  • Corrected an issue where a Mad Bombardier buff that refreshed an existing Mad Bombardier buff caused your next Wildfire Bomb to do less damage than intended
  • Corrected an issue where Wildfire Bomb with Guerilla Tactics talented would incorrectly restore multiple charges of Mad Bombardier if your Wildfire Bomb hit multiple targets.
  • Still investigating problems with Wildfire Bomb not working with Multiple Survival hunters at the same time. (This isn’t related to tier sets, but re-listing so you know it isn’t forgotten)


There are a lot of intertwined interactions between Aimed Shot, Trick Shots, Double Tap, Lock and Load, and the upcoming tier set bonus which grants even more Trick Shots. We want this all to work together as you would expect it to, and have fixes in testing for what we believe is all of the issues that had been listed on the PTR forums.

  • Corrected an issue where if you have Unblinking Vigil, but not Trick Shots, and gain Trick shots from an Aimed Shot cast, you would not benefit from Trick Shots, and Trick Shots would be consumed.
  • Corrected an issue where if you have Unblinking Vigil, and gain Trick Shots from Aimed Shot, which grants another Unblinking Vigil buff, both Unblinking Vigil buffs would be consumed by a single Aimed Shot.
  • Corrected issues with Double Tap’s damage and the Set Bonus damage increase for Trick Shots.
  • NOTE: After several of the above changes, you can sometimes get into a lucky streak of Aimed Shot->Unblinking Vigil Proc->Aimed Shot->repeat… The threshold of Focus expenditure to gain a Trick Shots buff from the 4-piece bonus might be adjusted upwards a bit due to this, we’re evaluating things and will be sure to post about any changes being made.

Beast Mastery

  • We have read your posts outlining some issues you have with your upcoming Set Bonuses with regards to AoE damage. We don’t have any specific details to share in this post of what is going to change, but are currently planning on adjusting your 4-piece Set Bonus before it becomes available in the upcoming weeks. When we have more finalized details, we’ll be sure to let you know.