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Jenafur Secret Cat – Puzzle Solved

Jenafur Secret Cat – Puzzle Solved
Paul from the Secret Finding Discord has discovered how to obtain Jenafur!

  • Talk to Amara Lunastar at coordinates 17.4 49.3 in Ashenvale.
    /way Ashenvale 17.4 49.3 Amara Lunastar
  • Interact with the Empty Dish at coordinates 44.2 53.1 in Elwynn Forest (inside Donni Anthania house).
    /way Elwynn Forest 44.2 53.1 Empty Dish
  • Go inside Karazhan and pick up the following foods: 2x Juicy Drumstick, 2x Marbled Steak, 2x Fishy Bits, 1x Meaty Morsel, 1x Slathered Rib.

  • Place the food on tiles in the Opera Hall. Food order from left to right: Juicy Drumstick, Marbled Steak, Fishy Bits, Meaty Morsel, Marbled Steak, Slathered Rib, Juicy Drumstick, Fishy Bits.

  • After placing the food, Amara’s Wish music plays and Jenafur spawns! Click on the cat and the pet is yours!


  • Thanks to Paul for figuring out the last step of the secret! Even though he doesn’t play WoW (or many video games at all these days), he managed to solve this last part of the puzzle. Check his google doc for the explanation!
  • Thanks to Tigger Oni for the Karazhan Interactive Map App and Opera App.
  • Thanks to Raere for the Jenafur Journal and The Meat Key.
  • Thanks to Kruxx for the food images above.
  • Jenafur Secret Cat – Full Guide.