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Legendary Crafting Guide

Legendary Crafting Guide
Characters are able to craft their own legendaries upon reaching level 60. Here is a simple guide to how the process works.

Unlocking the Runecarver

  • Upon reaching level 60, you will be directed by Bolvar to find a way to unlock Torghast by talking to Ve’nari in the Maw and completing the introductory quest inside Torghast to rescue Baine. Upon killing the boss of wing 6 inside the introduction, a quest item will drop that you bring back to Ve’nari after bringing Baine back to Oribos.
  • This quest item leads you back into a room inside the lobby of Torghast, where you will be directed by the Runecarver there to obtain a memory from a boss just outside Ve’nari’s refuge in the Maw. Upon bringing it back you will then have to do a follow up quest to break his chains by purchasing an item from Ve’nari and killing mobs for quest items.
  • This allows you to then collect Soul Ash from Torghast runs. Bring 1250 to the Runecarver to be able to craft your legendaries.
  • You must unlock the Runecarver up to the point of collecting 1250 Soul Ash to be able to loot memories.

Obtaining Soul Ash

  • Torghast is your primary method of obtaining Soul Ash.
  • Torghast is a repeatable rogue-like dungeon where you climb 6 floors and fight a boss. Each time you complete a layer, you will be able to choose a harder layer until you reach layer 8. (Layers 1-6 are available now. 7 and 8 release next week.)
  • There are two wings per week to que for and they rotate every week.
  • Completing a layer for the first time each week will reward you with all the Soul Ash that would be earned from layers below it.
  • In order to maximize the amount of Soul Ash you can get, you must complete the highest floor possible in each wing once a week.
  • There will be 2 different wings open each week. You can only receive Soul Ash from each layer once per week.
  • The max amount of Soul Ash you can earn in a week once all layers are open is 1140 (570 per wing)
  • Soul Ash Amounts Per Layer
    • Layer 1 – 120
    • Layer 2 – 100
    • Layer 3 – 85
    • Layer 4 – 70
    • Layer 5 – 60
    • Layer 6 – 50
    • Layer 7 – 45
    • Layer 8 – 40
  • You can also obtain Soul Ash periodically by completing challenging missions at your Adventure Table.
  • Bolvar also offers a series of quests that are time-gated, each rewarding Soul Ash.

Obtaining Memories

  • Memories are the recipes that you must bring to the Runecarver to unlock different legendary powers.
  • Each legendary has a specific drop location. Once you loot the item, you can bring it to the Runecarver’s room and right click it to permanently earn the ability to craft it.
  • These are account wide.
  • Refer to the powers tab on your Adventure Guide in order to find out where each of your legendary Memories drop.

Crafting your Legendary

  • There are a few items you need to bring to the Runecarver to craft your legendary:
    • The legendary memory power must be unlocked. Each legendary power has 2 different gear slots available to craft in.
    • A base item for the slot that you wish to craft the power in.
      • These are purchased on the auction house or crafted by crafters.
    • Two Missives with the stats you desire on your legendary piece.
      • Missives are purchased on the auction house or crafted by scribes.
      • There is one for each secondary stat. You must have 2 different stats when crafting your legendary.
    • The necessary amount of Soul Ash

Base Items

Level Type Slot Name
175 Back Back Grim-Veiled Cape
175 Cloth Head Grim-Veiled Hood
175 Cloth Shoulders Grim-Veiled Spaulders
175 Cloth Chest Grim-Veiled Robe
175 Cloth Waist Grim-Veiled Belt
175 Cloth Legs Grim-Veiled Pants
175 Cloth Feet Grim-Veiled Sandals
175 Cloth Wrists Grim-Veiled Bracers
175 Cloth Hands Grim-Veiled Mittens
175 Finger Finger Shadowghast Ring
175 Leather Head Umbrahide Helm
175 Leather Shoulders Umbrahide Pauldrons
175 Leather Chest Umbrahide Vest
175 Leather Waist Umbrahide Waistguard
175 Leather Legs Umbrahide Leggings
175 Leather Feet Umbrahide Treads
175 Leather Wrists Umbrahide Armguards
175 Leather Hands Umbrahide Gauntlets
175 Mail Head Boneshatter Helm
175 Mail Shoulders Boneshatter Pauldrons
175 Mail Chest Boneshatter Vest
175 Mail Waist Boneshatter Waistguard
175 Mail Legs Boneshatter Greaves
175 Mail Feet Boneshatter Treads
175 Mail Wrists Boneshatter Armguards
175 Mail Hands Boneshatter Gauntlets
175 Neck Neck Shadowghast Necklace
175 Plate Head Shadowghast Helm
175 Plate Shoulders Shadowghast Pauldrons
175 Plate Chest Shadowghast Breastplate
175 Plate Waist Shadowghast Waistguard
175 Plate Legs Shadowghast Greaves
175 Plate Feet Shadowghast Sabatons
175 Plate Wrists Shadowghast Armguards
175 Plate Hands Shadowghast Gauntlets

Level Type Name
1 Optional Reagents Missive of Haste
1 Optional Reagents Missive of Mastery
1 Optional Reagents Missive of Critical Strike
1 Optional Reagents Missive of Versatility

Upgrading Your Legendaries

  • Legendaries can be upgraded 3 times for a total of 4 ranks.
    • Rank 1 – ILvl 190
    • Rank 2 – ILvl 210
    • Rank 3 – ILvl 225
    • Rank 4 – ILvl 235
  • You do not use any more soul ash crafting a rank 1 and upgrading it than you do crafting a rank 4 right away. The only addition is the gold cost associated with crafting the higher item level base piece.
  • To upgrade a legendary, you need:
    • Your current rank legendary
    • The appropriate base item for the new rank
    • Soul Ash