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Mike Ybarra Confirms No Blizzard NFTs, 10.0 Expansion Leak Spreadsheet, DLC #817

Blizzard President Mike Ybarra Confirms No Blizzard NFTs
Activision Blizzard sent several YouGov surveys over the weekend to gauge players’ interest in new technologies and future trends in gaming. One of the questions asked players if they have any interest in “play-to-earn gaming” to earn cryptocurrency, NFTs, or real currency.

Blizzard President Mike Ybarra replied to community concerns around this topic, and said that “no one is doing NFTs”.

10.0 Expansion Leak Spreadsheet
Ercarp has created a 10.0 expansion leak spreadsheet covering a total of 64 leaks from the forums. Each leak has a direct link and mirror to the source, a “credibility score” ranging from 0 to 5, and basic information about the expansion (new races, classes, level cap, world revamp, player housing and core theme).

Since we are less than one day away from the 10.0 Expansion Reveal, this is a good time to have a final look at “leaks” that have been shared around in the community.

Dark Legacy Comics #817 – Feedback
DLC #817 has been released!