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Music from Battle for Azeroth: Rise of Azshara

Music from Battle for Azeroth: Rise of Azshara

The following pieces and their composer(s) are in this video:
0:00:00 – Ruins of Zin-Azshari by Glenn Stafford
0:10:31 – Nazjatar Rise by David Arkenstone
0:26:59 – Naga Ambient by Glenn Stafford
0:37:24 – Naga Pride by Glenn Stafford
0:52:38 – Naga Ambush by David Arkenstone
1:04:29 – Wrath of Azshara PVP by David Arkenstone
1:06:22 – Wrath of Azshara by David Arkenstone
1:15:51 – From The Depths by David Arkenstone, Leo Kaliski
1:24:57 – Islands Crestfall by Glenn Stafford, Leo Kaliski
1:29:56 – Islands Snowblossom by Glenn Stafford, Leo Kaliski
1:35:46 – Mechagon Tinkmaster by Leo Kaliski
1:48:01 – Mechagon Workshop by Peter McConnell
1:56:05 – Mechagon Junker Gnomes by Peter McConnell
2:06:04 – Saving Baine by Glenn Stafford

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