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Nameplate Distance in BC, Patch 9.1 PTR – Chapter 4 Campaign Preview, New Avatars

Nameplate Distance in Burning Crusade Classic

Originally Posted by Blizzard
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Maybe increase it to 40, or introduce a slider to the system menu that controls how far it pops up for us.
It looks like in the original code, the original development team intended to create a checkbox that toggled nameplate distance between 20 and 41 yards, but ran into a technical limitation.

In an upcoming build of the Burning Crusade Classic Beta, you can set the nameplate distance between 0 and 41 yards (inclusive) by setting this command in the chat box:

/script C_CVar.SetCVar(“nameplateMaxDistance”, 41)

Thanks for the suggestion!

Patch 9.1 PTR – Main Campaign Chapter 4 The Unseen Guests
Today we are taking a look at chapter 4 of the main campaign in Chains of Domination. *Spoilers Ahead*

  • The quest chain starts from Baroness Vashj, but something doesn’t seem right. Suddenly, the real Baroness Vashj shoots an arrow in this imposter, revealing that it was a dreadlord in disguise! Vashj says that she has caught multiple dreadlords infiltrating their ranks, and says in life she learned to identify them through their disguises from a demon hunter (Illidan). She suggests you take this matter to the Primus.
  • The Primus says he should have suspected the fangs of Denathrius would find their way here again. He tells you to seek our Prince Renethal at Sinfall to help you find a specific venthyr that helped rid Revendreth of the nathrezim thousands of years ago. Baroness Vashj is sent with you.
  • Renethal is surprised that the nathrezim have grown this bold again, and says the venthyr you seek is the Stonewright. He says we are long overdue convincing her to join his cause. You must now gather the envoys and ride to Dominance Gate. You alert Chelra the Bladewall, who flies off to gather a worthy escort. As you approach the carriage to take you to the Stonewright, you find Kael’thas talking with Vashj, asking why she was sent to Maldraxxus even though she has no shortage of sins.
  • During your ride to Dominance Keep, Renethal explains that countless ages ago, just after the first venthyr were sired, Denathrius unveiled another creation. The nathrezim. Forged to be the ultimate infiltrators, they bore the influence of Death into the realms of rivals…as well as the worlds of the living. Despite their subtlety, one of these incursions was discovered. In response, the full wrath of the Light fell upon Revendreth, setting ablaze the ward once held by the nathrezim.
  • The armies of Maldraxxus did not rise up to defend Revendreth, so the Stonewright carved her Stone Legion to strike back against the Light. Once the naaru were routed, the Stonewright turned her anger upon the nathrezim, blaming them for the loss of so many of her children. The conflict was ended by Denathrius, who said he would exile them to a world beyond the Shadowlands. Denathrius never told Renethal what became of the nathrezim, only later did he learn that mortal souls came to know them as dreadlords.
  • The Stonewright half expected the return of the nathrezim during the drought, and she also mentions that it took her awhile to get over the suspicion that you yourself could have been one in disguise. She has you join her as she investigates your envoy for infiltrators. Renethal begins to greet her, but she passes by him to converse with Chelra, remarking how impressive it is that she is standing there when Denathrius had her beheaded after throwing Renethal into the Maw. Chelra sheds her disguise to reveal herself as a female nathrezim named Nal’ragas. She was merely a distraction and a few more nathrezim shed their disguises as she shouts to seize the medallion. You are teleported away with Vashj and Kael’thas through a mirror just in time.
  • The three of you must kill some dreadlords in disguise while also finding and defeating Nal’ragas. During the chase, Nal’ragas taunts the Stonewright. When you finally catch up to Nal’ragas, you find Mal’ganis is one of the masterminds of the events. He teleports away telling her to delay their foes as the plan is almost complete. After killing her, Renethal reveals that he knows of Mal’ganis from the past, and must now hunt him down. Mal’ganis has the medallion of Wrath, and they can use the other medallions to locate him.
  • The Stonewright flies you back to Sinfall, telling the others to join us there. She wants her medallion back and Mal’ganis’s head on a spike! At Sinfall, you must unveil other nathrezim who have been hidden as your allies all this time. You must also transcribe some infernal cryptograms that the nathrezim have been using to communicate. The transcribed orders are as follows:
    • Lady Mel’tranix. I charge you with securing information regarding the asset. We must know both of the security and maintenance of the asset’s location.
    • Kisdranath, stall them. Find any way and how to flow the advancing power of the Maw Walker and their allies. If there is a way to choke their economy, do so. If there is a way for supplies to go missing, make it happen.
    • Nal’ragas, do not kill Renethal. I know you will be tempted but we still need him. And his death would…upset…the Master.
    • Jennath, be mindful of forces being sent to the Maw. If Sinfall is foolish enough to distribute forces into that place you must find a way to infiltrate them and ensure their defeat.
    • Thaliatroven, infiltrate the dredgers. Get to know them. They can go places most cannot.
    • Mof’ralan, search the archives. Sinfall is home to ancient knowledge and we must learn of what happened to Kivretan. She has been lost to us for long enough. It is time we recovered her.
    • Solener, I want a detailed log of all peoples entering or leaving Sinfall, frequency, guard rotation, and so on. Most importantly, watch the dredgers. We will need them for the final stage of the plan.
    • Sathrovarr, get out of there now. Your identity is about to be discovered. Sybille walks the halls of Sinfall once again and she will remember the smell of your aura. Leave before it is too late, but avoid arousing suspicions. Fake your death if you must.
    • Mal’ganis, yours shall be the greatest challenge. Infiltrate Renethal’s inner circle. Walk side by side with our brother, and ensure he comes to no harm. Endear yourself to the Azerothians and allay their suspicions. When the time is right, we will give you the honor of revealing my plan to Renethal.
    • Detheroc, if you fail us again I will personally flay you. When Mal’ganis springs his trap, you are responsible for recovering the asset. Do. Not. Fail. Me. This is the Master’s final order, and I will see it executed correctly.
  • You then use the other medallions and follow the anima trail to discover the location of the Medallion of Wrath. The Stonewright says that in the hands of a nathrezim, it could be used to shape this realm to their dark purpose. You confront Mal’ganis, who has been disguised as a dredger.
  • Upon damaging him enough, Renethal enters and suggests the nathrezim join him in saving the Shadowlands. Mal’ganis laughs, saying that he and his people were never in exile. This was all part of the Master’s plan, and everything was a distraction so that they could retrieve Denathrius from his captivity in Remornia. The cutscene here is unimplemented, but suggests that they succeed and that Mal’ganis escapes…maybe?

New Battle.Net Avatars
New Battle.Net Avatars have been added recently. The Shadowlands Covenant avatars can be used in group conversations.