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Nature Resist Gear Clarifications, Azeroth Atlas – Interactive World Map

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WoW Classic – Nature Resist Gear Clarifications

Originally Posted by Blizzard
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Pomfer: Why are Sandstalker pieces and the Dreamscale chest readily available RIGHT NOW, yet Bramblewood, Ironvine, Sylvan sets and Cloak craft still seemingly not going to be available until Naxxramas (P6)

It would make the most sense to make then readily available for p5, and it still makes no sense why only mail NR is available right now.

Can we get some clarity please?

Khlause: Some of the gear was intended for AQ, while other items may have been back burner or may have been a form of catch up gear.

Overall, the nature-resist gear that was released in original WoW in patch 1.11 was catch-up gear. It was released along with Naxx to help close the gap for guilds who were still dealing with trying to get certain pieces from Green Dragons and Maraudon because they were stuck on Huhuran.

To be specific, here’s a list of pieces that are not in WoW Classic 1.13.5:

We’re still considering precisely when to release this gear, given their usefulness and purpose. As with original WoW, that time will come later, after AQ is opened and being raided.

Azeroth Atlas – Interactive World Map
Sturmbart and Esdreika have created the Azeroth Atlas, an interactive map viewer of Azeroth with many tools, including zoom, markers, paint and more!