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New WoW Promo – Invite Friends for a Free Faction Change

New WoW Promo – Invite Friends for a Free Faction Change
Blizzard has sent out new promo emails to select players, offering them a free faction change if they invite friends back to World of Warcraft. Inactive friends that accept the invitation will also receive 30 day of game time.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment


Thank you for being a valued member of the WoW® community, Hero. To show our gratitude, we are offering select players an opportunity to earn a special reward for them and their friends.

We know that every hero needs a little encouragement getting back into the action, so through 21 June, we will be offering select players a Faction Change* when they invite an eligible friend** back to World of Warcraft®. To ensure everyone has an opportunity to play together and try out Cross-Faction Instances, up to 5 eligible friends invited back will be awarded 30 days of game time.

Azeroth is always more fun when playing with friends, so let’s get the group back together to enjoy all the exciting changes happening in World of Warcraft.***

*This offer will be linked to your account and is not transferrable. You must submit at least one valid and eligible BattleTag to redeem your Faction Change, which will be granted via inventory. Faction Change must be claimed within 6 months of receipt. Only a single Faction Change will be granted and does not duplicate for additional eligible BattleTags. Full eligibility criteria can be found on the linked form page.

**You may invite up to five of your friends to return to Azeroth. No game time will be awarded to players with an active WoW® subscription as of 31 May, 2022, or later. Game time gifts must be claimed by you and your friends within 14 days of receipt. Not eligible for accounts with negative actions such as bans, suspensions, or numerous in-game reports demonstrating a pattern of abusive behaviour.

***Submissions will be processed periodically as they are received; it may take several days for you or your friends to receive your gifts. Blizzard reserves the right to withhold the offer entitlements if it determines that an account is likely to have violated the Blizzard EULA or the In-Game Code of Conduct.