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OCE Arena Titles, Conquest Cap Misleading Tooltip, Hotfixes – September 24

Burning Crusade Classic – OCE Arena Titles

Originally Posted by Blizzard
(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
I believe Blizzard has forgot to update OCE ladder cutoffs after the ban waves.

Pulling data directly from Blizzard API, earlier this week Blizzard updated US and EU ladders. The update showed that Blizzard disqualified teams with banned players in them. The cutoffs were lowered to reflect the disqualifed teams.

OCE data has not changed. According to data directly from Blizzard API, and the cut offs in game at the arena master, the cut offs are still set to teams that are banned. This currently means no teams on OCE will be getting a rank 1 title.

Basically, people that broke ToS are now holding all the R1 titles, and they won’t be awarded them. It means 0% of legitimate players get rank 1 titles. It also means way less than 0.5% of players are getting a gladiator title.

I’m not sure if Blizzard has overlooked this. However, I do know that USA and EU have had the changes made, and OCE cutoffs have stayed exactly where they are, despite banned players.

We’ve been looking into this, and it looks like it’s on the right track. Yesterday, we found several qualifying teams that still hadn’t been rewarded, and rewards should be rolling out.

We’ll keep checking on it. If there is anyone who expects a title and still hasn’t gotten it after logging in after the next realm maintenance, please let us know.

Conquest Cap Misleading Tooltip

Originally Posted by Blizzard
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  • PVP_CONQUEST_TOOLTIP – There is a limit to the number of Conquest Points you can earn in one week. This limit is determined by the highest pvp rating you achieved last week.

10/10 move, besides making everyone below 2100 have worse gear they should be denied access to buying it as well.

That’ll teach low rated players to even queue.

Based on the phrasing this should also help reduce alts from trying to gear. 500 IQ moves.

Hello. It looks like someone fixed typos in some old tooltips.

In this specific case, it’s a tooltip that’s unused in Chains of Domination, and we don’t have any plans to use it in 9.1.5.

Patch 9.1 Hotfixes – September 24, 2021

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  • On the Offensive now requires 6 of the covenant assault achievements to be completed (was 9).


  • Rogue
    • Fixed an issue which could cause a player to clip through the platform when using Shadowstep on Mueh’zala in De Other Side.