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Overwolf buys CurseForge assets from Twitch

Overwolf buys CurseForge assets from Twitch
Overwolf has announced the acquisition of CurseForge community and products from Twitch. CurseForge will stay exactly the same as it is right now, however the mod manager will be removed from the Twitch client and will become a dedicated desktop app for PC and Mac. You can read the full announcement here.

What will this mean for gamers?

CurseForge will transition out of the Twitch client and into a new dedicated desktop app on Overwolf. A dedicated CurseForge team of engineers inside Overwolf will be in charge of continuously improving the Curseforge app to be the best mod manager out there. We’re getting all the code from Twitch, so we’ll start with everything as is, and then gradually add new features and tools like global search and smart sync, based on the needs and interests of the community.

The new dedicated CurseForge app

So is CurseForge going away?

Definitely not. CurseForge will remain a standalone brand, within the Overwolf family of apps. The website will stay exactly the same, and the mod manager will leave the Twitch client and become a dedicated CurseForge app for PC and Mac.

Will the new CurseForge app include ads?

Yes, with an opt-out. We want to make modding a legit profession, and we want to find ways for modders to make a living. With 70–80% of ad revenue going to creators and distributed based on mod usage, we want to look into incorporating in-app ads in a way that is not intrusive. You might remember the ads on the old Curse client, before the Twitch acquisition, so we’re thinking about iterating on that experience. But, in parallel — for those who do not wish to support creators, we’re thinking about ways of opting out. Clearly, subscription will be one of these options, but we’re also thinking about an opt-out without payment. Eventually, as we’ve seen with gaming apps, we believe non-intrusive in-app ads will support mod authors and help them invest more time and effort in their creations. That said — you’ll never see an ad in-game, just in-app. You’re definitely not going to see any ads inside WoW addons or anything wonky like that.

What will happen to my connected accounts and mod lists?

We’re working with Twitch to ensure a smooth transition. Once Twitch is able to transfer a user’s account in accordance with its privacy protection practices (GDPR etc.), the account should see no change and maintain its mod list/mod packs. Learn more about how Twitch and Overwolf are protecting the privacy of your CurseForge account here:

How will I upload and manage my mods?

The mod author dashboard will initially remain as-is, so uploading new mod updates and managing your mods will remain completely unaffected. We plan to buff it in the future.