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Patch 8.2.5 Hotfixes – September 27th, More War Campaign Conclusion Cutscenes

Alliance Bee Mount Reputation and Acquisition Guide

Patch 8.2.5 Hotfixes – September 27th, 2019

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(Blue Tracker)

  • The Conch of Wa’mundi now functions properly again in Nazjatar and in the deep waters of Kul Tiras, Zandalar, and Mechagon.
  • Fixed a bug that caused PvP reward items from Crate of Battlefield Goods to have a lower item level than intended when the item upgraded to rare quality.
  • Fixed an issue where some Legion quest reward equipment that upgraded to rare or epic quality were not increasing in item level.


  • Players can again turn in “An Old Scar” to MOTHER for completion.

Patch 8.2.5 – More War Campaign Conclusion Cutscenes
The Battle for Azeroth War Campaign conclusion had two other in-game cutscenes that take place after the two main ones covered the other day. The first one below is the final scene for Alliance characters and Saurfang supporters. The second one is the scene you see if you remained a Sylvanas loyalist. Thanks to the Youtube Supreme IRM for the scenes! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recruit A Friend Still Not Active

Originally Posted by Blizzard
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The framework for the new Recruit A Friend was added with the 8.2.5 content update, but indeed it’s not yet available. Soon™

In the meanwhile you can get yourselves acquainted with the new system here.