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Patch 8.3 Campaign Part 2 – Unlocking Rajani Reputation and Vale Assaults

Patch 8.3 PTR – Black Empire Campaign Part 2 – Unlocking Rajani Reputation and Vale of Eternal Blossom Assaults
You can see the first part of the campaign here.

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  • Completing the events of Part 1 gives you the quest “Forging Onward” which has you return to Magni in the Chamber of Heart. This will award you with the Token of Death’s Door essence. You find out that the Forge was not damaged beyond repair, but its operating at a reduced capacity. MOTHER suggests that you reroute power from compatible titan facilities. Magni is unsure which ones to use, and she she says the Engine of Nalak’sha is compatible. You get the quest “It’s Never Easy” and are told to meet Magni outside Mogu’Shan Vaults.
  • When you arrive, a Mogu Warrior seems to have been fighting off Mantid and requests to have words with Magni. Before he can explain that the Mantid are causing trouble, he succumbs to his wounds and a few Mantid led by Amber-shaper Gokilak arrives. He exclaims that the vaults now belong to the Mantid before attacking. Upon his death, Magni seems discouraged, and the Mogu tells us to find his clan before dying.
  • You then get the quest “The Mysterious Sigil” from the dead Mogu’s corpse. He had a sigil on his body that is a symbol of the clan he belongs to. You are then tasked with bringing it to Lorewalker Cho in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
  • When you talk to Cho, he gives the quest “Clans of the Mogu” and is interested in discovering more about a Mogu clan that isn’t hostile. He explains that after the fall of the Thunder King, many mogu clans began warring for dominance and new clans arose from the ashes. He tells you to begin your search by inspecting his book “The Serpent Masters.”
  • He recalls that many believe the Zan-Tien clan to be the dominant one, but cannot find anything about the sigil. You then look into his “Power Through Blood” book to find more information about the Dokani clan, but there is still no link to the sigil. Next, you look through “Will of Stone” to learn about the Baruk clan, but still no sigil to be found. He wants to try one more tome called “The Origins of the Mogu.”
  • From this tome, you learn of the Rajani clan who served Ra-den, and the sigil matches! Cho says the clan must have been resurrected and gives the quest “Finding the Rajani” and tasked with getting a Mogu Scouting Report from one of the mogu in the vale.
  • Upon returning with the report, you find that the Rajani are at the Silent Sanctuary and are given the quest “Time-Lost Warriors” and sent to them.
  • You are told to leave by Stormspeaker Qian when you arrive, but show him the sigil and he is saddened to hear Tsuo failed in his mission and walk with him, in which another “awesome in-game event” takes place and you are presented to Ra-den, who is lost in hopelessness. The mogu haven’t been able to reach him from thinking we are only delaying the inevitable. You request his aid, but he doesn’t believe we can defeat the old gods with the Pantheon gone. You are given the quest “Proof of Tenacity” from Stormspeaker Qian and are tasked with bringing a Trophy of the Black Empire from completing an assault in the Vale. This unlocks the Rajani Reputation faction and their dailies.
  • Bringing the trophy to Ra-den has him explain that Azeroth’s enemies are innumerable and sooner or later the scales will tip against it…but he has been mistaken before. He tells you that all the titan facilities in Pandaria are connected and about a secret passage under Mogu’Shan Palace that leads to the Engine of Nalak’sha with the quest “The Engine of Nalak’sha.”
  • You and Magni enter the Palace and you must complete a scenario, working your way through the dungeon killing Mogu statues come to life and dodging traps to reach a switch. When you get below, you have to open a door with a statue, and then kill Mantid and destroy manifestations of N’Zoth.
  • Cleansing the manifestations has N’Zoth invade your mind once again, exclaiming “Do you feel the frenzy of the swarm? They know what is coming. They know you will be its herald. Magni once again brings you back to your senses and you proceed further, killing Swarmguard Kraz and eventually an old god creature named Yox’ith. Magni then starts up the Engine and you connect remotely to MOTHER, eventually rerouting power to the Forge of Origination. Magni also says he finds something in the archives that could turn the tide against N’Zoth, and you head back to Ra-den via a portal nearby.
  • There, Magni and Ra-den discuss what Magni found, which is that the mogu have learned how to focus the Forge of Origination’s energies without re-originating the entire world. Ra-den wants to observe this himself, and gives you the quest “Restored Hope“. Ra-den accompanies you to the Heart Chamber and teleports you there. You also receive either Death-Resistant Leaf or Focused Star Point for completing this quest.
  • Ra-den mentions that he was unaware of this chamber, but it looks to be of Archaedas’s making. MOTHER states that the knowledge of the chamber was restricted to sigma-level clearance, and proximity to the world soul requires additional safeguards. Magni says they only discovered it because Azeroth herself showed him, then gives you the quest “Magni’s Findings.” They all then discuss how it is possible to execute the Origination Protocol via remote triangulation, but we would need to place anchors close to N’Zoth himself. Ra-den mentions anyone setting foot in the heart of the Black Empire would go mad, and Wrathion says to leave the problem of Ny’alotha to him.
  • You are given the quest”Power Protocol Initiation” and told to relay power from the Chamber of Heart, Engine of Nalak’sha, and Forge of Origination auxiliary systems, then speak with MOTHER to power up the Forge of Origination. However, there is an anomaly that Magni asks you to investigate in Uldum with him with the quest “Re-Origination.”
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