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Patch 8.3 Hotfixes – February 13, 2020

Patch 8.3 Hotfixes – February 13, 2020

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Dungeons and Raids

  • Mythic Keystone Dungeons
    • Mindrend Tentacle
      • Mind Flay
        • Damage reduced by 25%.
    • Ravenous Fleshfiend
      • Tear Flesh’s bleed damage reduced by 20%.
    • Samh’rek, Beckoner of Chaos
      • Cascading Terror
        • Damage reduced by 40%.
        • Fear duration reduced to 2 seconds (was 3 seconds).
        • Cast frequency reduced.
          • Developers’ note: This ability works well as a dispel challenge, but its damage and disruption has proven to be more punishing than we’d like.
    • Urg’roth, Breaker of Heroes
      • Spirit Breaker’s damage reduced by 20%.

Items and Rewards

  • Corrupted Items
    • Rogues’ Detection no longer builds Echoing Void.
  • Heart of Azeroth
    • Changing a Minor Essence while The Crucible of Flame (Essence) is equipped in the Major Slot no longer causes Concentrated Flame to go on cooldown.


  • Saurfang is no longer present in Grommash Hold while players are on the quest “A Gift for the Warchief’s Advisor”.

WoW Classic

  • Blackwing Lair
    • Razorgore the Untamed
      • Fixed an issue where Nefarian’s troops would sometimes continue attacking the group after Razorgore’s eggs were destroyed.