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Patch 8.3 PTR – Black Empire Campaign Part 3 – Legendary Cloak Unlock Scenario

Patch 8.3 PTR – Black Empire Campaign Part 3 – Legendary Cloak Unlock Scenario
Continuing from our previous coverage, the next step of the Black Empire Campaign has you delving into Blackwing Descent to create your legendary cloak with Wrathion.

  • Magni asks you to meet him outside the Halls of Origination. Upon arriving he doesn’t see anything unusual and and gives the quest “Investigating the Halls” asking you to investigate the anomaly in the Halls of Origination. You once again go inside the instance but find the roof caving in. Magni tells MOTHER to teleport you out, but she can’t lock on to a place.
  • Magni teleports outside and has her lock on to him to use as a teleport. You arrive outside and see the anomaly ahead. Upon reaching it and interacting with the obelisk of N’Zoth, you are transported into a horrific vision and your sanity quickly drains as you try to resist. Wrathion tells you to hold on and has MOTHER initiate an evacuation protocol to bring you back to the Chamber of Heart.
  • Wrathion says that N’Zoth getting access to the forge would be catastrophic and that you need protection to help from his corruption. He says you need an object of pure corruption to do so, and knows of the existence of a Corrupt Black Dragonscale in Blackwing Descent that will do the trick. His agent had been watching over it but has recently gone silent, so he believes we are not the only ones with this knowledge. He gives you the quest “Beginning the Descent” and has you meet him there.
  • When you arrive, Wrathion finds his agent murdered and realizes N’Zoth is one step ahead of you. He says grief will have to wait, and you press on inside the instance. Inside, you take out a servant of N’Zoth who is blocking the way with void. Upon going down the elevator, Dark Inqusitor Xanesh taunts you and Wrathion, saying the work of Wrathion’s fallen kin will not go to waste. Wrathion comments on the suffering being inflicted upon the dragons when studying a nearby failed experiment.
  • You are tasked with eliminating the cultists conducting research while Wrathion brings down the barrier. Inside the alchemy lab you find Extractor Thelsara performing experiments on whelps and take her out. In the Den of the Devourer you find the Spawn of Shad’har, who feeds on failed experiments. You kill him and head to reunite with Wrathion.
  • You then protect Wrathion as he brings down the barrier protecting the next area, and then enter to find Vexiona, who says the black dragonflight was unworthy of the master’s gifts, but Wrathion can still be of use to him. Dark Inquisitor Xanesh portals in and exclaims that Wrathion will fare no better than his father at resisting the old gods. She teleports away after sucking him into a void portal, and you are tasked with defeating two failed experiment dragons Velinaria and Dreliana.
  • In heading back to the main chamber, you find Dark Inquisitor Xanesh using Wrathion to try and raise Nefarion and Onyxia to serve N’Zoth. You kill 4 channels holding him in place, and Wrathion turns into his dragonf orm, telling Xanesh she can’t break him like she broke his father. He unleashes his flames on her, and she taunts him before teleporting out.
  • Wrathion underestimated the hold that the Old Gods still have over the black dragonflight, and says there was little he could do to resist, but he will not allow his flight to be corrupted again. He lowers the lava in the pool below so that you can destroy the remains of Nefarion and Onyxia. He tells you to recover their scales in the process as they will aid us in protecting Azeroth. He then tells you to return to him in the Chamber of Heart. A nearby failed experiment will fly you right back.
  • Turning in the dragon scales to Wrathion rewards you with your legendary cloak, Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve. He says that this cloak is all that remains of his once proud flight, and though they were corrupted in life, they will shield you in death.
  • You are given the quest “Deeper into Darkness” in which you must speak to MOTHER to return to the Halls of Origination and discover the source behind the anomaly with you newfound cloak protecting you. You delve deeper into the vision and take out a tentacle guarding the elevator before using it to rise to the control chamber. You find Ysedra the Darkener trying to corrupt it, and must stop her. MOTHER then activates the nearby teleporter to bring you back.
  • Upon arriving back in the Chamber of Heart, you find Ra-den impressed with MOTHER’s ability to reconfigure the Engine of Nalak’sha to power the Forge of Origination. He wants to discuss it further, and she schedules the conversation for the next available cycle. Wrathion gives you the quest “Descending Into Madness” and tasks you with seeking of a Vision of N’Zoth amidst the corruption in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms or Uldum to discover what the future holds for Azeroth.