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Patch 8.3 PTR – Black Empire Campaign Part 4 – Unlocking Horrific Visions

Patch 8.3 PTR – Black Empire Campaign Part 4 – Unlocking Horrific Visions
The final part of the Black Empire campaign has you entering Horrific Visions to discover a way to resist N’Zoth and stop the Black Empire from returning. SPOILERS AHEAD!

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  • Upon arriving to Uldum you will find a Visions of the Twisting Sands obelisk nearby. Clicking it will give you a warning that you may only enter once per day. Entering the Vision completes the quest.
  • When you return to Wrathion, he suggests we put this new knowledge to good use and gives the quest “Opening the Gateway.” He explains that the fabric of reality is torn and it is only a matter of time before these realities become one. He suggests you speak to MOTHER to establish a Tenebrous Gateway in the Chamber of Heart, which is an unlock that provides access to Horrific Visions. You ask MOTHER to open the way and she constructs the gateway. Wrathion explains that the Forge of Origination was built to remake Azeroth according to the titans’ design. If N’Zoth corrupts it, he could use the Reorigination Protocol to transform Azeroth into the Black Empire. For this reason, we must bolster our cloak’s resistance to N’Zoth before entering Ny’alotha to turn his own scheme against him.
  • You receive the quest “Into the Darkest Depths” and are now tasked with entering a Horrific Vision to discover what dark manifestations await in a world ruled by N’Zoth. You also now have access to Wrathion’s wares, which are purchased with the currency Corrupted Memento gained from Horrific Visions. This is also where you can spend your Coalescing Visions gained from the new assaults to purchase a Vessel of Horrific Visions needed to enter a Horrific Vision.
  • Wrathion says that by entering N’Zoth’s vision on our own terms, we can push the limits of our cloak in a relatively safe environment. We need only to introduce a nominal amount of corruption into the chamber to link our reality to Ny’alotha. Magni seems concerned, but Wrathion assures him that it is risk worth taking and MOTHER can cleanse the corruption upon returning to the chamber. You enter the Horrific Vision, which is either a vision of Orgrimmar or Stormwind based on your faction.
  • Inside, you learn that a faction leader (Alleria for Alliance and Thrall for Horde) is forcing all to submit to N’Zoth and the city has fallen to corruption. This staging area is where you will find yourself when you first enter Horrific Visions, allowing you to prepare and activate masks found in the Visions that change the difficulty of your current Vision before proceeding. Wrathion can also show you a map of the Vision, detailing sanity loss and debuffs suffered in certain locations. Because this is your first Horrific Vision, the final boss area is the only one suggested until your cloak becomes stronger.
  • Upon finishing the Horrific Vision, N’Zoth shouts to you in the Chamber of Heart that “the door opens. The path made clear.” Magni wonders where the voice is coming from, and gives you the quest “Whispers in the Dark which tasks you with finding the source of N’Zoth’s whispers in the Chamber of Heart. You find the source near the gateway, and when interacted with N’Zoth’s voice fills the chamber and minions attack. You have to destroy obelisks and kill his servants to fill a percentage bar to get rid of them, but Ra-den sacrifices himself and is taken into Ny’alotha in the process!
  • You get the quest “Into Dreams” from Magni to speak with MOTHER and track Ra-den’s location. You also receive the quest “Accessing the Archives” from Wrathion, who wants you to speak with MOTHER to activate the Titanic Research Archive, which unlocks the Archival Research Database to provide access to a new talent system used to help you in Horrific Visions. At this point you also gain access to the “Remnants of a Shattered World” quest which has you recover a copy of “The Curse of Stone” from a Horrific Vision. The reward is Corrupting Core, an item used to increase the power of your legendary cloak.
  • You get MOTHER to unlock the research database, and then she locates Ra-den in Uldum, inside the Ny’alotha raid. You are then given the quest “Ny’alotha, the Waking City: The Corruptor’s End” which is a raid quest to defeat N’Zoth.