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Patch 8.3 PTR – Corruption Tooltips and Changes, Diablo Interview, DLC #704

Patch 8.3 PTR – Corruption Tooltips and Changes
The new build of Patch 8.3 has changed the way corruption debuffs are presented as well as adding a new debuff and changing certain corruption debuff thresholds.

  • Corruption debuffs are no longer displayed on the debuff bar UI.
  • Creeping Death still shows up in the debuff bar UI.
  • Instead, corruption debuffs are listed in the Corruption UI by placing the cursor over the corruption eye on the character sheet. Active debuffs are highlighted in red.
  • A new corruption debuff – Cascading Disaster has been added for breaching 60 corruption.
  • The corruption debuffs have been reordered and have new threshold corruption levels:
    • 1+ Total Corruption – Grasping Tendrils – Taking damage has a chance to slow your movement speed for 0 sec. The magnitude of the slow increases with further corruption.
    • 20+ Total Corruption – Corrupted Zone – Your spells and abilities have a chance to create a corrupted zone at your location, dealing Shadow damage to you every 2 sec. The size and damage of the corrupted zone increase with higher Corruption.
    • 40+ Total Corruption – Grand Delusions – Taking damage has a chance to summon a Thing From Beyond, which pursues you for 10 seconds. Its speed increases with further corruption.
    • 60+ Total Corruption – Cascading Disaster – If you are struck by the Thing From Beyond, you will be immediately afflicted by Grasping Tendrils and Corrupted Zone.
    • 80+ Total Corruption – Creeping Death – All damage taken is magnified significantly, increasing with further corruption.

PCGamer Blizzard Interview with Diablo’s Original Creators
PCGamer posted an article recently with David Brevik, Erich Schaefer, and Max Schaefer (Founders of Blizzard North and creators of Diablo). The full interview will be up later, but the three discussed how Blizzard as a company has completely changed since their involvement.

  • The only original Blizzard developers who remain are senior art director Samwise Didier and senior vice president Allen Adham.
  • Max says the old Blizzard is gone. It has grown from a small company into an empire.
  • Blizzard is now a video game empire that has to appease shareholders.
  • The change in values and culture is a natural part of any company growing into a massive corporation.
  • There was a constant battle between Blizzard North and Blizzard Entertainment (the main branch) over Diablo 2’s gory, dark aesthetic.
  • As the company grew, it became harder for the trio to focus on creative design and avoid corporate bureaucracy.
  • A big difference between then and now is that they didn’t talk about shareholder value. The only thing they ever discussed was what they wanted to create and what fans would like.
  • You can’t grow that big and be as free-wheeling as the past.
  • One of the reasons that they left was to be more self-deterministic and not be beholden to some monstrous organization.
  • The three left Blizzard back in 2003 and never had to deal with the modern challenges facing the company.
  • They agree that sometimes you wake up in the morning and you’re in a no win situation, which is what Blizzard faced with the Blitzchung controversy.
  • They believe that Blizzard buckling under pressure from the Chinese government was a “conspiracy theory” and just thought with their wallets first, which underestimated people’s perception of the decision.
  • They agree that Blizzard had to do something because if not the company would have become a free speech platform for any kind of political movement that anybody wants to take up. It was not handed perfectly, however, and that’s why Blizzard apologized.

Dark Legacy Comics #704
DLC #704 has been released.