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Patch 8.3.0 PTR – Build 32044

Patch 8.3 PTR – Goblin Heritage Armor Preview
The Goblin heritage armor quest chain is also available for testing on the PTR! Any level 120 Goblin that is exalted with the Bilgewater Cartel can start the quest from Izzy at the Orgrimmar Embassy.

  • The quest chain starts with “Old Friends, New Opportunities.” Izzy says Sassy Hardwrench sent her to find you as she is putting the gang back together for a big job. She states that Sassy has arranged a ride to Kezan for you and to meet her at Hardwrench Hideaway in Stranglethorn Vale for the details.
  • Sassy greets you on arrival and gives you the quest “A Special Delivery.” She wants you to deliver a package to Hobart Grapplehammer in Crapopolis (which seems to be the new town built upon the MOTHERLODE). She has a ride waiting for you at the docks, but cautions you to mind your manners as Gallywix has purchased the whole town.
  • Upon arriving you find Gallywix talking to Hobart. He heard that Hobart was working on something new and that he owns the rights to anything invented in perpetuity. Hobart says that contract is null and void because Gallywix forged his signature. Gallywix calls it a wild and unprovable accusation, and states once more that everything in Crapopolis belongs to him. He then takes his leave.
  • You give the package to Hobart and receive the quest “A Simple Experiment.” Hobart says with the delivered parts he can now begin testing his invention, the X-52 Personnel Armor. He knows Gallywix will be up to no good now that he knows about this potentially indestructible armor, and asks you for help with the tests.
  • You begin by testing the armor against sub-zero temperatures. Hobart considers it a success even though the wearer has no vital signs because the armor is still intact. Next is thermal stress, to which another test subject is killed. The boots are unharmed though, so Hobart thinks he’s making progress. The third subject is surrounded by explosives, and flees before the test goes off.
  • You then receive the quest “Shopping for Parts” and are tasked with getting parts from Crank Greasefuse. He will give you the parts if you can collect enough debts for the quest “Debt Collection!” After collecting debts via killing or intimidation, you receive the thermoplugs and return to Hobart via the quest “I’ve Got What You Need.”
  • Hobart gives the quest “Blunt Force Testing” and says that since his lab assistants are gone or dead, you get to be the one to wear the prototype for the next set of tests! You put the armor on and are given an extra action button that will protect you from explosives and removes damage over time effects on a 10 second cooldown. This needs to be used to fight the Mechanized Lab Assistant, who uses fire bombs and other abilities to try and kill you. Upon killing the robot and surviving, you return to a pleased Hobart, who gives you the followup quest “Fun with Landmines.”
  • Your final test is to use the armor to traverse a minefield that has a refreshing coconut beverage in the center as a reward. Upon reaching it you return to Hobart throwing wrenches at Gallywix to keep him at bay while the cartel leader demands he hand over the armor. Hobart has you defeat 8 hired goons for the quest “Let’s Rumble.” With the goons defeated, you tell Gallywix to leave, and he runs off claiming that this isn’t over.
  • Hobart wants to find a buyer for the armor before Gallywix returns, and gives you the quest “Buyers Wanted” to return to Sassy to get the list of interested buyers.
  • Sassy gives the quest “The VIP List” in which she asks you to hand out invitations to the private auction. The first one is Noggenfogger in Gadgetzan, then Pozzik at Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedbarge, and Gazlowe in Ratchet.
  • When you return to Sassy, she gives the quest “Beat the Crapopolis Outta Him!” and says there is trouble. Gallywix took over Crapopolis with his goons and are holding Hobart hostage! You then must complete the Crapopolis scenario.
  • Upon returning to Crapopolis, all three buyers are there. You then have to work your way through the city and defeat Dax Blitzbaster, who is holding Hobart hostage. After rescuing him, you loot the X-52 armor as Hobart says he added a turbo function that increases the armor’s power. You are then tasked with using it to defeat Gallywix who awaits you in a giant mech!
  • Upon defeating him, he is trapped inside his mech and your armor’s power is depleted. With the buyers no longer interested you are given the armor as a reward for the quest “A Fitting Reward.”
  • This completes the chain and gives you the Heritage of Kezan, which has both a visor down and up version!