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Patch 8.3 PTR – Mechagnome Unlock Quest Chain Preview

Patch 8.3 PTR – Mechagnome Unlock Quest Chain Preview
The most recent update to the PTR has added the unlock quest chain for Mechagnomes! If you are an Alliance character and have a toon exalted with the Rustbolt Resistance, you can start the chain. SPOILERS AHEAD!

  • The chain starts from Aysa Cloudsinger in the Stormwind embassy. The first quest is “Urgent Care.” Aysa wants you to find Kelsey Steelspark in Boralus Harbor as Mekkatorque’s condition is dire and they need help!
  • Upon arriving Kelsey says Mekkatorque’s pod is powering down and they can no longer hear him speak. His pulse has also slowed, but she has a plan. She gives you the quest “Waning Energy” and asks you to meet her at Proudmoore Keep.
  • When you get there you find the Tidesages working on the Pod, and Kelsey says what we are about to do might not be the most accepted plan, but it better to do it and ask for forgiveness later.
  • You are given the quest “Someone Who Can Help” and Kelsey thinks the Mechagnomes can help and wants to bring the pod to Mechagon Isle. She wants to get the pod on a homing copter that is delivering supplies to the island from Hook Point.
  • You head over to the homing copters and are able to bring one back and route it to send the pod to Mechagon. Kelsey says she probably should have warned Erazmin before she sent it, and suggests they get to the island before it does.
  • When you arrive, Erazmin says it would be his pleasure to help the High Tinker. He suggests you speak to Waren to find out what materials are needed and gives the quest “Junkyard Treasures.
  • Waren gives the quest “The Current Schematic” and says she can modify one of their existing devices to give access to Mekkatorque without disturbing his life preserving functions. She asks you to collect 4 Heat Tolerant Ooze from the scrapbots and scraphounds in the Heaps, and 6 Acquisitioned Machine Parts from the Outflow slimes. She says the chances of crushing the occupant are sub-50 percent.
  • When you turn in the parts, you receive “Voyage to Safety” and find out the homing copter carrying Mekkatorque’s pod was taken out by troggs! He says Piston has a vehicle able to handle this task and tells you to meet his crew in Bondo’s yard. You then have to take out Rust-Eye the Cleaver on the east coast of Mechagon with Piston and his Mechanospider.
  • You kill the trogg and retrieve the pod, and Piston places it on the platform when you get back. Waren tells you construction proceeds as scheduled and Christy will address the occupant’s bio-mechanical integrity. You receive the quest “Better, Stronger..Less Dead” Christy says that King Mechagon might have been crazy, but his minions did have exemplary robotic creation capabilities. She wants you to collect a Neural Accelerator, Omni Electromagnetic Amplifier, and a Flux Energized Servos from erratic units around Mechagon.
  • Upon collecting the parts, Christy says they need modifications and sends you back to Erazmin. He gives you the quest “Him?” He wants you to go around Rustbolt and ask his people what they want in a leader. From what he hears, the High Tinker has always led his people by necessity, never seeking or desiring a crown. Erazmin thinks the gnomes should be united once again!
  • After speaking to the various gnomes, Erazmin says to share the info with Christy, who gives you the quest “Mental Attunement” and asks you to activate the Synchroscope when she tells says so. Christy wants to give Mekkatorque some improvements, but Kelsey says they like him the way he is. You then open the pod and retrieve Mekkatorque!
  • You are then given the quest “A Strong Heart” and told that Mechagon’s Annihilotron’s heart with serve a new purpose, but you must help the retrieval team get it back here.
  • You meet Kelsey at the entrance to Junkwatt Depot and take out a robot to get the Spark Reactor and deliver it back to Christy. You then activate a defibrillator to revive Mekkatorque with the Spark Reactor attached to his chest. He is confused at first, but then thanks everyone. Kelsey says she knows a way to repay the favor to the Mechagnomes and you get the quest “Ascension” from Mekkatorque. He says the way to repay the Mechagnomes is by helping them take back the remaining parts of their city!
  • You, Mekkatorque, Erazmin, and Kelsey enter the city via a portal nearby and takeout Blastatron X-81. As you walk through the city, Erazmin says that he would love nothing more than to have the Mechagnomes reunite with Gnomeragan and be lead by the High Tinker. Mekkatorque agrees provided Erazmin remains at his side as his counselor and friend. Erazmin accepts and the two prepare to address their people together. You witness the announcement and the gnomes are united, officially bringing the Mechagnomes into the Alliance! (Ending is currently a bit bugged on the PTR)