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Patch 8.3 PTR – Vulpera Racial Update, Corruption Changes, Bolvar and Zone Music

Patch 8.3 PTR – Vulpera Bag of Tricks Racial
The latest update to the PTR made some changes to how the Vulpera Bag of Tricks racial functions.

Now, when you cast Rummage Your Bag, a small sack will appear in front of you and allow you to customize your Bag of Tricks spell. Based on the flavor text provided upon clicking it, it is clear that this racial will have options to discover to customize the spell further in a manner similar to how the Dark Iron Dwarf Mole Machine racial was able to discover more locations to travel.

Upon creating a Vulpera, they have two different options for Rummage Your Bag to choose from:

  • Corrosive Vial – Splash your enemy with corrosive fluid, dealing [ Greater of {180% of Spell Power} or {180% of Attack Power * pctD * (1 + 0)} ] Nature damage. A good reason not to drop your bag!
  • Healing Vial – Heals a friend for [ Greater of {270% of Spell Power} or {270% of Attack Power * pctD * (1 + 0)} ] Nature. Share the wealth!

Patch 8.3 PTR – Updated/Additional Corruption Level Debuffs
The latest update to the PTR made some changes to the corruption debuff spells, changing and altering some completely.

  • 1+ Total Corruption – Grasping Tendrils – Taking damage has a chance to slow your movement speed for 0 sec. The magnitude of the slow increases with further corruption.
  • 20+ Total Corruption – Eye of Corruption (Replaces Corrupted Zone) – Your spells and abilities have a chance to summon an Eye of Corruption for 8 sec. The Eye inflicts increasing Shadow damage to you every 2 sec while you remain in range. Range and damage increase with further Corruption.
  • 40+ Total Corruption – Grand Delusions – Taking damage has a chance to summon a Thing From Beyond, which pursues you for 8 (was 10) seconds. Its speed increases with further corruption.
  • 60+ Total Corruption – Cascading Disaster – If you are struck by the Thing From Beyond, you will be immediately afflicted by Grasping Tendrils and Eye of Corruption (was Corrupted Zone).
  • 80+ Total Corruption – Creeping Death – All damage taken is magnified significantly, increasing with further corruption.

Patch 8.3 PTR – Bolvar Icecrown and Zone Music
Lots of new music was added in the latest build!