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Patch 9.0.1 PTR – Pre-Expansion Event Week One Initial Preview, New World Boss

Patch 9.0.1 PTR – Build 35522

Shadowlands Feedback – Class Changes, Castle Nathria Raid Testing Schedule

Patch 9.0.1 PTR – Pre-Expansion Event Week One Initial Preview
The Shadowlands prepatch Week 1 is now available for testing on the PTR.

  • Upon logging in, you will immediately receive a quest to report to Genn Greymane at Lion’s Rest in Stormwind. He says that the undead Scourge is swarming in numbers not seen since the return of Arthas. He says something terrible has happened in the chaos, and inquiring into it loads a cutscene that hasn’t been implemented yet showing the faction leaders getting captured. (Horde takes place around their capital)
  • Genn wants to rescue Anduin and the others, but knows that the safety of the people is top priority. He explains that the Ebon Blade have stepped forward to help, but wants you to work with the Argent Crusade to keep the people safe. You are to seek out Commander Gregor in the Trade District.
  • There is an Agent Crusade station set up at the gates of Stownwind. Commander Gregor tasks you with collecting reports from his scouts around the area. You must check in at Goldshire, Redridge, and Darkshire. It seems Darkshire is infested with undead and you must dispatch some. Frost wyrms fly overhead as well.
  • When you return to Stormwind, you are told to head to the Argent grounds in Icecrown to find it overrun with undead. You must dispatch them, of course, while rescuing injured fighters. Undead here drop a currency called Darkened Scourgestones that can be turned it repeatedly for Argent Dawn reputation tokens.
  • Your next task is to scout areas around Icecrown from a distance before returning to the grounds. With this area under control, you are asked to secure a foothold atop the Ironwall Rampart in Icecrown with Crusader Renn, which unlocks a series of daily quests in Icecrown. This involves fighting waves of undead and a skeletal boss. As of now these dailies seem to just give reputation and gold.
  • Random undead bosses will also spawn around Icecrown and show up on the map with the same purple skull icon seen in Nazjatar for the elite naga event. These bosses can drop catch up gear that is item level 100.

Shadowlands PTR – Nathanos Blightcaller World Quest
Nathanos Blightcaller is up on the Shadowlands PTR. He is located in Eastern Plaguelands near the Marris Stead, his old house, along with his hounds: Plaguefang and Blight-Howl. A cinematic is supposed to be played when he is brought down to 10% health, however it’s currently missing on the PTR.