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Patch 9.0.2 Hotfixes – November 27, 2020

Patch 9.0.2 Hotfixes – November 27, 2020

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(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

  • Mage
    • General
      • Fixed an issue where Clouded Diamond (Torghast Anima Power) would not trigger with Arcane Momentum.
  • Warlock
    • General
      • Corrected an issue where Soul Rot (Night Fae Ability) was unable to be used if the warlock was low on health.


  • Corrected an issue that could cause players who were trying to switch covenants to incorrectly be treated as having previously been a member of their desired new covenant.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Stablemaster Vasilica has taken up shop in Sinfall to help Venthyr covenant members recover their lost pets.

Items and Rewards

  • The Mistcaller Ocarina trinket now refreshes its buff duration when the buff is already applied and the buff now lasts 15 minutes (was 5 minutes).


  • Covenant Campaign
    • Fixed an issue where characters who chose to enter the Threads of Fate could have quests in their log from “The Looming Dark” campaign that could no longer be completed.
  • Bastion
    • Fixed an issue where there were two Centurion Colossi visible during the quest “The Final Countdown.”
  • Maldraxxas
    • Characters in Threads of Fate mode should no longer be offered the Maldraxxus quest “WANTED: The Key of Eyes” as it takes place in a level 60 area.
  • Ardenweald
    • Fixed an issue during the quest “Ride to Heartwood Grove” where the Riding Stag would not want to be mounted.
  • Revendreth
    • Players who logout during “Refuge of Revendreth” should no longer be required to restart the quest to complete it.
    • Archivist Fane will now allow those sworn to the Venthyr to obtain the quest “Halls of Atonement: Your Absolution.”
    • Prince Renathal will now accept the turn in of “Cages For All Occasions” while mounted on a Bridled Shadehound.
  • The Maw
    • Resolved an issue where Brethlun the Brand can become stuck and permanently evade all oncoming attacks during the quest “The Brand Holds the Key.”
  • Battle for Azeroth
    • Fixed an issue where Tyrande could get stuck in combat during the Battle for Azeroth Alliance scenario “In Darkest Night.”

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Any Soul Ash that was not looted from defeated enemies will now be sent to the player’s mailbox.

World Quests

  • Increased the spawn frequency of Brittle Bark Mischief-Makers needed for the World Quest “Spriggan Size Me!”
  • Fixed an issue where Kleia could display incorrectly during the Bastion World Quest “Flight School: Falling With Style.”