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Patch 9.1.0 PTR Build 38394 – New Covenant Legendaries and Dungeon Teleports

Patch 9.1.0 PTR – Build 38394

9.1.0 Chains of Domination PTR Notes – April 21

New Covenant Legendaries for Paladins, Rogues and Shamans
Several new covenant legendaries have been added in Build 38394. Note that some of the legendaries below are unconfirmed, however new memory items related to them were added to the database.

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  • Kindred Affinity NYI (Kyrian) – Name changed from “Kindred Affinity” to “Kindred Affinity NYI”. While your Bond is empowered, and you and your partner are within 15 yards of one another, the benefits are improved by 50%. You and your partner each gain Kindred Affinity when bonded, increasing a secondary stat based on your partner’s Covenant. While your bond is empowered, Kindred Affinity is doubled. Kyrian: Mastery increased by 5%. Night Fae: Critical Strike increased by 5%. Venthyr: Haste increased by 5%. Necrolord: Versatility increased by 5%.


  • Divine Resonance (Kyrian) – Every 10 seconds after casting Divine Toll you cast it again at 60% effectiveness. This effect lasts 30 seconds.
  • Duty-Bound Gavel (Necrolord) – Vanquisher’s Hammer now has 2 charges and empowers an additional cast of [Templar’s Verdict/Word of Glory/Word of Glory].
  • Seasons of Plenty (Night Fae) – Casting Blessing of Summer or Blessing of Winter grants Solstice to you and up to 4 allies, increasing Haste by 5% and increasing cooldown recovery by 10%.


  • Resounding Clarity (Kyrian) – Echoing Reprimand now animacharges 4 combo points.
  • Deathspike (Necrolord) – Serrated Bone Spike has 2 additional charges and hits 2 additional nearby enemies.
  • Toxic Onslaught (Night Fae) – Your ability used from Stealth while Sepsis is active grants you one of Shadow Blades, Adrenaline Rush, or applies Vendetta to your current target for 8 sec.
  • Obedience (Venthyr) – Flagellation now also increases your Versatility by 1%. Each combo point spent while Flagellation is active decreases it’s cooldown by 1 sec.


  • Splintered Elements (Necrolord) – Each additional Lightning Bolt/Healing Wave/Lava Burst generated by Primordial Wave increases your Haste by 5% for 10 sec.


New Dungeon Teleports for Completing Mythic Level 20 Dungeons in Time

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