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Patch 9.1.5 Encrypted Items Update – Mount, Pet, Wearable

Patch 9.1.5 Encrypted Items – Mount, Pet, Wearables
Patch 9.1.5 added some new files that may be the next expansion’s Deluxe Edition rewards.

Spoilers below

  • The files are all encrypted, but contain a mount, pet, and one or more wearable items.
  • There are one or more transmog items in one set that are encrypted.
  • There are several encrypted references to the in-game shop UI. Shadowlands Deluxe Edition rewards also had several special shop UI elements, much more than just a shop mount or pet.
  • There are copies of 5 textures used in the “9fx_drakemountemerald_buff” spell effect, which may be connected to the encrypted mount. This spell effect was added in Patch 9.2.
  • The mount rewarded by a Deluxe Edition is usually tied in with the expansion theme.
  • One of the encrypted items added in a Patch 9.1.5 build was removed in Patch 9.2 and encrypted with a new key, meaning it may be released separately.
  • One of the models shares 34 animations (emotes, sitting, fishing) with the Vulpera male.
  • Shadowlands Collector’s Edition rewards (mount, pet, items) were encrypted with one key and added in Patch 8.2.5, similar to how these are bundled.