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Patch 9.1.5 PTR – Legion Timewalking Vendor Rewards

Patch 9.1.5 PTR – Legion Timewalking Vendor Rewards
The vendor for the Legion Timewalking Event is Aridormi, who can be found at Krasus’ Landing in Dalaran (Broken Isles). Here’s a quick list of new vendor rewards coming with Legion Timewalking in Patch 9.1.5.

Val’sharah Hippogryph: “These majestic hippogryphs are as close to a being of the Emerald Dream as any resident of Azeroth can be, and do not bond with a rider easily.”

The toy makes you suspicious of your surroundings, similar to how Suramar guards become wary of players disguised as Nightborne through Masquerade.

Replica Aegis of Aggramar
This cosmetic shield is a replica of the Aegis of Aggramar, which was used during the fight with God-King Skovald in the Halls of Valor, and later placed atop the pinnacle of the Cathedral of Eternal Night in order to close the Burning Legion’s portal at the Tomb of Sargeras.

Weapon Transmog
There are six new Nightborne weapons available for transmog, and each of them can be purchased for 35 to 100 Timewarped Badges.

Ensemble: Ravencrest’s Battleplate
Ravencrest’s Battleplate transmog set is available to Warriors, Paladins and Death Knights, and resembles the outfit worn by the npcs from Black Rook Hold.

Reputation Tokens
Reputation tokens are available for 50 Timewarped Badges and award 250 reputation with the appropriate faction. This means that you can purchase 40 tokens for 2000 Timewarped Badges and get a Legion Paragon Chest!

Miscellaneous Items
Shipments of crafting reagents from Legion are available for 25 Timewarped Badges.